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I recently hired a car from your company, and I want to tell you what an excellent experience it was from start to finish. The pick up from the airport up was quick, the man who processed my rental was friendly and efficient, the car was superb, and it was easy to collect in your garage. On my return one of your men simply drove me to departures in the car I had just returned; he again was very friendly and even shook my hand when he dropped me off at departures!! Just brilliant in this day and age.

I have already recommended you to 2 of my friends and they will use you.

I will also definitely use you on my return to Malaga.

Well done to your company.

Best regards

Ian Hyslop
De: Ian Hyslop
Soumis le: 18/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
Again, the people of Malagacar.com show their effectiveness and good work they never fail in anything and you always get pleasantly surprised.
Malagacar.com is an example for the rest of car rental companies; each segment has several models, they could assign any, because they are all practically brand new; I asked for a specific model and they did not hesitate to give it to me, great; and unbeatable prices, I recommend it to everyone.
Thanks to the team of Malagacar.com and its director Mr. Anglada
De: Juan Manuel Hernandez Calero
Soumis le: 10/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
I hired from Malagacar.com and couldn’t have been more pleased. The office was busy but all the desks were staffed. I was lucky to be upgraded to a Toyota Auris which was clean and didn’t have a scratch on it and only 9,500 kms on the clock. I opted for the half tank of diesel and only had to put a bit in on day 11 of 11 so it’s worth it in my opinion.

The staff member I dealt with was polite and courteous. He brought the car to us right outside the office. When we dropped off we didn’t even need to get the cases out as we were taken direct to the airport in 'our' car. Malagacar were recommended by a friend who uses them regularly and I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received.
De: Craig Langley
Soumis le: 06/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
Have used your company several times recently and found them to be far superior to any on airport supplier. Always helpful, friendly and efficient. My supplier of choice for all future bookings.
De: Michael Gill
Soumis le: 06/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
Hello, we are using your company for the third time. We are very pleased, first class service; the only thing that could be improved is the long wait in the office, even though there are many people there, usually only two people deal with the paperwork
But otherwise, we repeat delighted.

Answer from Malagacar.com
Thanks for your email. You can be sure we will always do the best for you. I can understand you had to wait a little bit. You arrived with other few families at same time. Anyway 7 employees were working when you arrived but maybe they were with other customers (deliveries, collections…)
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Sylvia Schirmaier
Soumis le: 06/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
Rented a car from them and the service was pretty good. The guy who helped us didn't smile too much, and wasn't extremely friendly, but it could have been that it was a long day for him. He wasn't bad, but just answered exactly what was asked and I guess that was okay. Through my mistake, we put the wrong fuel in the car; however, they sent a tow truck and we got a new car for the rest of the week. The only thing I would say, is it wouldn't hurt to remind your clients of what fuel to use (although it was written inside the gas cap - totally our fault).

They handled this very well as it was three women traveling and they were helpful in taking care of the problem thereafter. The girl, we called when we noticed the problem didn't send out the tow truck right away as she thought the problem had been resolved so I had to call her again. It took an additional hour to get the tow truck out to us. But in the end, they did handle a problem that had been created by us and it went smoothly from there. They were really good and quick when we delivered the car back to them and we didn't have to hassle with the paperwork. I would definitely recommend to use them - they were very reliable.

Answer from Malagacar.com
Dear Corina,
Thanks for your email and we are happy you enjoyed your holidays. About the wrong fuel I will talk with the employee who gave you the car because, although in Spain the 80 % of the cars are diesel, we always inform the customer about the fuel. Maybe he forgot to advise you. He knows in USA the cars are not diesel and all USA customers are advised when a diesel car is rented.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Corina Martinez Chaudhry
Soumis le: 05/11/2012
Note: (4 sur 5)
Transfers by coach are limited to package deals in Malaga, so independent travellers are best advised to hire a car. All are very competitive, but years of experience points to www.malagacar.com, which includes a half-tank of fuel (most sell an often unusable full tank) and more importantly, zero excess.

Spanish drivers are often careless and even when a hire car is correctly parked, others can literally leave their mark – ruining a holiday where a costly insurance excess is demanded – which is not the case with this company.

Highly recommended
De: Brian Mccalden
Soumis le: 04/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
I have just booked for May 2013, as usual great price, have been using Malagacar.com for a good few years, never a problem. Fast transfer from airport, and super-fast service when collecting car.

Answer from Malagacar.com
Hi Sean,
Thanks for your email. As usual never a problem in the past and will work hard to do the best for you in the future.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Sean O Leary
Soumis le: 02/11/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
Used Malagacar several times but not again!
Excellent cars and service but this year I signed and paid for the car hire in Euros however they charged my card in Sterling without informing me. Difference in ex rate over 5% cost me additional £28.
Emailed once and faxed twice but no reply.
Ironically they repaid the deposit in Euros.

Use them for the cars and the service but be very careful when paying

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Scott,
Thanks for your email and I am sorry the troubles caused to you. We received your fax and it was my mistake you didn’t receive the answer so please accept my apologies. As you know the customer service for us is really important and that is the reason why (as you say in your fax sent today) I always answer my customers.
You rented, at least, 4 times from us and you know we always charged you in Euros so I will talk with the employee who gave you the car because he made a mistake. I understand this mistake cost you 35 Euros so I can refund in your credit card 35 Euros or I can give you a credit of 35 Euros for your next rental for January. I will do the best for you.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Robert Scott
Soumis le: 29/10/2012
Note: (5 sur 5)
I have rented a car many times over many years from Malagacar and usually the service is very good. This time I was having the car delivered to the port after a cruise and returning it at the Airport. The delivery to the port was fantastic with no problems, fairly new car in excellent condition (although I don't like the new deposit policy).
However, when we returned the car it was very busy at the office. I pulled into the entrance and was asked to come into the office immediately to have the deposit credited (all good so far), however my wife was then approached by a member of staff while I was in the office and very rudely told to empty the cases from the car immediately (the car behind had just arrived and had not started to unload, so our car was not holding anyone up).
She said that she could not lift the cases and would wait until I came out. At that point, the employee started complaining at her and literally threw the cases from the car to the ground in front of the car behind. It was left to my wife to try and pick them up from the ground and move them to the side. Not the kind of service I'm used to or like, so will be carefully thinking about whether I return.

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Murray,
Thanks for your email. About the deposit I know you rent cars from us always so I will leave a note in the system and you will not have to leave a deposit in future rentals. When a customer returns a car and a deposit must be given back we always ask if the customer likes to wait or the deposit is returned later when we are less busy (Deposit paid by credit card).
I will check who was the lady because that evening 3 ladies were working but please don’t think she liked to be rude. Between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm 50 cars were collected so that is the reason why she didn’t like the car was in the gate. Anyway this is not a reason to be rude. I will talk with the staff. As you say “usually the service is very good” so I don’t like the word “usually” and I´d like you to tell me in the future “always the service is very good”.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Allan Murray
Soumis le: 28/10/2012
Note: (3 sur 5)

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