Cordoba Route

ITINERARY: Cordoba - Aguilar - Lucena - Priego - Castro del Río.

With places that are so typical of Andalusian baroque such as Priego or Lucena, hometwon of F. Hurtado Izquierdo, the use of stone for façades and stucco, plasterwork, marble and jasper for interiors preominate.

Interesting to see at Cordova are: the Cathedral, decoration of its vaults, main altarpiece, choir and rechoir: Chapels of La Concepción and of Cardenal Salazar: the churches of Nuestra Señora de Gracia, San Cayetano, San agustín, San Franciso and San Hipólito; the convents of San Pablo and La Merced (Diputación Provincial nowadays) and College of Santa Catalina: the Shrine of La Fuensanta and Hermitage of La Alegría; the hospital of Cardenal Salazar (Philosophy and Literature Faculty); La Corredera, designed in the 17th century according to a model of Castillian main squares, and the house of the Counts of Quemadas.

On the road to the Subbética, worth a visit are Fernán Núñez - church of Santa Marina, Montilla - churches of El Santo, San Agustín and San Juan de Dios, Aguilar de la Frontera - eight sided square, Castro del Río - church of Jesús Nazareno and Scala Coeli, Baena - church of San Francisco and Cabra - church of San Juan de Dios.

Lucena added to its architecture in the 17th century with religious orders. The most outstanding building is the Sagrario of the church of san Mateo. Also worthy of note are the churches of El Carmen, San Francisco, San Martín, Las Angustias and hospital of San Juan de Dios: the hermitage of Araceli and the house of Torres-Birgos (Palace of Justice).

Priego reached its peak in the 18th century, when the presence of Hurtado and Sánchez de Rueda created a real local school. The main building is the Sagrario of the church of La Asunción. Other churches - La Merced, San Pedro, San Francisco, hermitages - La Aurora, El Calvario, Las Angustias, and La Fuente del Rey complete the visit. Not too far away, in the province of Jaén, there are two interesting villages: Alcalá la Real - churches of San Antón, Las Angustias and Town Hall, and Alcaudete - convent of Santa Clara and town hall.

Malaga Spain

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