Andalucia itinerary

The south of Spain has numerous surprises that we can discover during our stay. Depending on the time our holiday lasts and on our way of transport, we’ll be able to visit more or less places, but they’ll always be something left to see, because Andalusia is full of secrets to discover.

We recommend to hire a car in Malaga, and start our journey from there. Malaga airport is the main point of access and has good connections due to the cheap flights from Heathrow or Manchester airport, also the connections by road are excellent which means we can travel long distances in a very short time.

Amongst the routes that Andalusia offer us we’ll find:

- The 20th century route, where we’ll discover architecture and buildings that have been important over the past sentury.

- Route of the ancient Andalusia where we’ll discover more about the past of this area, passing through the Iberians, Romans and Arabs who dominated al-Andalus for 800 years.

- Route of the ancient architecture, where the visitor will discover places that have been important in the past.

- The baroque route will show us rich facades and baroque buildings in Andalusia.

- Bicycle routes around Andalusia where we’ll discover the natural environment riding a mountain bike, a great experience.

- The route of the bullrings, where we’ll visit bullrings distributed around the whole of Andalusia and we’ll learn more about its history.

- The craftsmanship route, where not only will we be amazed with the handmade crafts developed in the Andalusian villages, but we’ll also be able to buy a souvenir or two.

- Route of the discovery, where we’ll discover the remains of the influence that brought the discovery of a new world by Christopher Columbus in 1492.

- Route of the traditions and folklore to learn more about the religious beliefs in the past.

- Route of the gardens and parks, a route that will show us the most important green points in Andalusia with its numerous parks and gardens.

- Gastronomic route around Andalusia to learn more about the typical dishes in Andalusia, because a place is not only discovered through the sight, but through the stomach too.

- Gothic route, in emblematic places where we’ll be amazed with the beautiful gothic facades and buildings.

- The Islamic route to learn more about who reigned in al-Andalus for 800 years, travelling through ancient paths or visiting Arab fortresses amongst many other places distributed around the whole of Andalusia.

- Route of the sceneries and viewpoints, where we’ll be able to take photos and be amazed with the impressive views from the most magical places in Andalusia.

- Magical route around Andalusia where we’ll discover myths and legends of Andalusia, such as the one of the ‘Atlantes’ who lived in these lands a long time ago.

- The route of the master painters and sculptors in places such as Malaga, Cadiz or Granada amongst other provinces.

- Route of the castles and monasteries for those interested in the middle ages will be able to find it at its best.

- Route of the Renaissance in Andalusia with buildings, cathedrals or churches built during this period.

- Romantic routes for the lovers in Andalusia, where we’ll discover the best places to visit with our partner.

- Route of the mountains, where we’ll tour around mountain villages and spots.

- Route of the villages, where we’ll discover a bit more about the interior of Andalusia and its monuments.

- Route of the wine for the lovers of this drink.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Andalusia and make the most of our guides to gradually discover this very special place little by little.

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