Tours of Romantic Andalusia

As if it were some living, though ill preserved museum, 19th century Andalucía posessed countless well kept buildings and urban layouts. The ancient capitals of the Moslem kingdoms: Seville, Cordova and Granada, apart from the various villages which made up their boundary lines, still presented an architectural richness not easily matched. Through their image, the traveller would recognize the Andalusia of which he was in search, often heedless of Spanish reality in the 19th century- contradictory- difficult, convulsive. The traveller was in search of the exotic, while the Andalusian was waiting for the railroad. Thus, at the same time as the romantic image of Andalusia was being forged, its field were being ploughed for the first time, its cities freed from their walls and Mendizábal´s disentailment was opening new urban spaces where heretofore had lain conventual orchards.

Asurred that they would find lodging, travellers who chose his route would re- experience Moslem domination in the Alcázar and in the Mosque at Cordova; the riches of the Golden Age in the houses, the palace and the parish church of Santa Cruz in Ecija; Gothic vitality in the churches of the Saviour, St. James, St. Blaize, St. Philip, St. Bartholomew and St. Peter at Carmona; baroque lavishness in Seville; bourgeois vigour in the houses of Jerez de la Frontera and Puerto de Santa María; the trading pulse of Cadiz; Moorish sensibility in Granada and the severe elegance of Spanish Renaissance in Ubeda and Baeza.

Malaga Spain

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