On the footsteps of the Knight Templars

The Aracena hills, where the province of Huelva meets the boundary with Portugal and the region of extremadura, are one of the areas of Spain with most Templar remains. Alongside Caravaca, Ponferrada, Monzon and Miravet, it constitutes the core of Templar memory in the peninsula, beside Tomar in Portugal.

The Order of the Knight Templars, that managed to get established in Andalusia between 1253 and 1258, when Islamic power began to dwindle, made Aracena one of its strongholds. Symbols and signs of this mysterious orders of Christian Knights can be found just about everywhere in these parts; the town's coat of arms includes many of them. Here the Templars rebuilt the fortress they found on arrival, some of the rooms can still be observed, as well as part of the towers and some of the wells.

The castle church is a good example of the syncretism between Islam and Christianity, incorporating Gothic elements to Sufi symbology.

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