Giants and Titans

There is a whole tradition in Andalusia based on the mythology of Atlantes and Titans who inhabited and shaped this land in times long past. Three provinces stand out in particular (Almeria, Malaga and Seville) for the most outstanding traces of their spectacular labours and megalithic formations. Right on the edge of eastern Andalusia, by Cabo de Gata, a spur of Volcanic outcrops over the sea, there are hermetic vestiges of the first settlements who worked metal. The Rodalquiar gold mines echo this past. The fortresses and the megalithic necropolis of Los Millares are silent witness of these groups who might have been related to the Cyclopean cultures of the Eastern Mediterranean. In the province of Seville, at Valencina, the dolmens at Matarrubilla and la Pastora, as well as those westwards at Mesas de Gandul extend the megalithic tradition to the interior.

In Málaga, Antequera has the most famous dolmens in world megalithic culture: Menga and Viera. Temples or sepulchres, perhaps both, these dolmens belong to the conception of the world that gives tremendous importance to the power of the earth. The very elements that make up Mega dolmen suggest the intervention of superhuman forces in its building, in view of the inexistence- at that time- of mechanical means capable of transporting stones of that size. This area, under the magic influence of La Peña de Los Enamorados, seems to form part of a culture that worth shipped the expression of some telluric forces to which they ascribed divine powers. Some historians associate this culture with Agar culture of Eastern of Andalusia. At Benaoján, there are two more dolmens with explicit names: Giant and Giantess, the only beings- according to legend - capable of moving these carved rocks.In Antequera, there is also a Giant's Gateway. Back at Benaoján, there is La Pileta cave, supposedly sacred, whose walls are covered in magnificent paintings of animals and symbols, unknown nowadays.

Legends of giants that lifted rocks and opened gorges and gullies are plentiful all over this region, as much to explain the existence of dolmens, as to find a reason for some of the surprising landscapes, that seem they might have been made by man.

One of these is the mysterious Torcal 16 km out of Antequera. This is a enormous formations of rocks where the erosion of a thousand years has given them varied shapes to make it look like a bewitched city. There are some points in El Torcal where the visitors steps seem to echo in underground cavities and others where his breath remains suspended in a motionless vibration of the air. The Gorge of El Chorro and El Tajo at Ronda also belong to this category of phenomena of nature to which popular superstition has ascribed a premeditated origin, result of a superhuman effort in remote times, rather than to the slow and indifferent rask of eruption and erosion. The existence is both of sacred places of different eras- the cave hermitage of Bobastro at El Chorro and the ruins of Acinipo in Ronda - does no more than confirm that their magic attributes were perceived way back and used for religious purposes.

Science has not been able to discover the origin of the magic properties of these places of abrupt contrast and enormous tectonic turbulence- fault, abysses, caves, ravines, volcanoes and deserts. However, progress in metering systems of the different types of radiation from the earth and its proven connexion with apparently inexplicable events; lead us to think that some day this type of phenomena will leave the field of magic, in order to enter the field of science.

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