Natural Parks in Ronda

Ronda is situated in the most north-western part of Malaga province, surrounded by medium-high mountains with a varied fauna and flora.

In the Ronda area we’ll be able to enjoy natural landscapes of great beauty:

El Pinsapo de la Escalereta
Situated next to the path of Las Lajas, an important route that links Rio Verde with Ronda and the Genal Valley. The name comes from the layout of the limestone slabs as steps, which has motivated the name of the tree that dominates in this area. This pinsapo is the biggest in the mountain range with a trunk circumference of 5.10 metres, with an age between 350 and 550 years and surviving from the middle ages to our days.

Cañon de la Buitreras
It has been declared an Andalusian Natural Monument in 2003 and hosts amongst its fauna the griffon vulture which nest in its walls, giving it its name. This canyon has been formed by the Guadiaro river that has been eroding the terrain over the passage of the centuries.

The Royals of Sierra Bermeja
Sierra Bermeja is situated to the southwest of the Ronda mountain range, protected since 1989 as a Natural Landscape. It hosts a very abundant flora and fauna with pine trees, junipers, cork trees and amongst its animals we must highlight the Eagle Owl and the common Hawk.

Sierra Bermeja receives the colour’s name from its red rocks.

Sierra de Libar
An area of great geological interest with the presence of oak woods and a wide variety of fauna. It has a very attractive scenery.

Guadiaro River Valley
There is a part of this natural area that is included inside the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. It hosts oak woods, cork oaks, chestnut trees and its fauna hosts foxes, wildcats, roe deer and an important group of birds of prey.

Sierras de Cabrilla y Prieta
It offers a landscape formed during the Jurassic period with some post-cretaceous remnants.

Hidalga-Oreganal y Blanquilla
Located between Ronda and El Burgo, with a very scarce vegetation but with an important fauna.

Sierras Real y Palmitera
Formed by lime stones, dolomites, peridotites and other metamorphic materials that belong to the Betica mountain range. Its fauna has mountain goats, the booted eagle and the toad eagle.

Genal River Valley
One of the most beautiful places in the Ronda mountain range and in Andalusia with a rich flora and fauna amongst which we must highlight the roe deer, the badger, the otter, the wildcat, the golden eagle, the griffon vulture, the eagle owl, the aquatic blackbird and the trout in the waters.

La Sijuela Valley
The erosion produced by the Sijuela stream has created a deep throat with caves and curious formations known as ‘Tajo del Abanico’.

Las Navetas – Carrasco
It hosts oak woods and an important fauna with the booted eagle, the toad eagle, the eagle owl and the wildcat, amongst others.

Sierras Sanguijuela Salinas
Situated in the limits of Ronda with 3150 hectares with a wide variety of flora and fauna that we’ll enjoy if we go trekking in the area.

Tajo de Lagarín
Presence of carob trees and oak trees. In the lowest areas there are cultivations of almond trees and vineyards.

Tajo de Ronda
Spectacularly impressive and located in Ronda’s urban core.

Tavizna Hill
From the Jurassic period with scarce vegetation although with abundant fauna. With a great geological and archaeological value with cave paintings and remains found in the Hundidero cave.

Throat of the Cupil stream
A landscape covered by a thick forest of oak trees and cork oaks with abundant fauna.

Alcornocal de Bogas Bajas
Situated between Ronda and Montejaque.

Between the forest areas we must highlight the hill of El Burgo and La Fuensanta – Los Sauces.

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