Ronda Museums

If you visit Ronda, there’s nother better than to visit its museums to thoroughly discover all about the city and its mountain range.

The Hunting Museum

The museum of hunting shows us the wild fauna of the Ronda mountain range although we’ll also be able to find fauna of other continents inside this 18th century building.

This building also has a shop and organises hunts.

Telephone: +34 952 871 263
Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm

Interpretation Centre of the New Bridge

A museum that shows us the history of the most representative element in Ronda, the bridge that connects the city. The entrance fee is 2 euros for those who aren’t citizens of Ronda and only for the views there are from this museum it’s worth paying its entrance fee.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 10am to 6pm.
Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays: 10am to 3pm.
Telephone: 952 870 818

Municipal museum

This historical-archaeological museum is situated in the Mondragon Palace and has a permanent collection that explains the history of Ronda. This museum has 3 areas:


This museum commenced in the beginning of the year 1990 with the idea of storing the archaeological pieces found in Ronda and the private donations. After the entrance and already in its first gallery we’ll discover the history of Ronda since its first settlers (hunters-harvesters), there are replicas of settlements like a circular cabin of a hamlet just like the ones in Acinipo and other tools that were used back in those days.

The second gallery of this museum shows us the appearance of the different social classes during the bronze age between the year 3000 and 500 before our era with the presence of the Phoenicians and the Iberians.

The gallery called Roman World will show us the roman life in the old Arunda and Acinipo, the trade and the social structure, the advanced state of the roman society with its urbanism and architecture with remains that have lasted until our days.

The museum’s gallery of the Muslim World shows us a rich exhibition of the funerary rites of back then and its social aspects.

Lara Museum

This museum is located in the city’s old quarter in the Palace-House of the Count of the Conquests. It hosts different galleries and exhibitions that are well worth a visit:

-Clocks (18th century)
-Arms (17th century)
-Cellar (18th century)
-Collection of razors and blunderbusses
-Exhibition of witchcraft
-Exhibition of the Spanish Inquisition with famous characters and catholic objects of torture.

Museum of the Bandit

Perhaps one of the most popular museums in Ronda, as the legend and the romanticism of the bandits in the Ronda mountain range has not been lost and still remains. This unique museum in Spain shows us documents, photos and personal data of the bandits that lived in these mountains.

Gallery of the romantic travellers: In this gallery we’ll find historical documents, royal edicts, etc..
Gallery of “Living as bandits” with photographs, coins and official stamps.
Gallery of “The Men and the Names” dedicated to famous bandits like Diego Corrientes, El Tempranillo or El Tragabuches, amongst others.
Gallery of “Weapons and testimonies” where we’ll find original weapons from back then like blunderbusses, razors, guns and a library with around 200 books written by characters from those days.

In this museum we’ll also find a replica of a tavern from back then.

Bullfighting Museum

This museum shows us the history of bullfighting in Ronda. The history of Ronda’s bullring, it also includes other elements like a collection of duel weapons from between the 16th and 19th century.

The museum has oil paintings, engravings, bullfighter costumes, elements from back then and information panels.

Peinado Museum

This museum is situated in the old palace of the Marquis of Moctezuma in the old quarter of Ronda. This palace was inhabited by the last alive descendants of Moctezuma and is currently used as the museum of the painter Joaquin Peinado.

Interpretation Centre of the Wine

An old palace-house that has been used for wine conservation over the centuries, and it continued to fulfil its role as a cellar until 1970. Today it’s the wine museum of Ronda with 12 theme galleries:

-Wine history of Ronda
-Wine in the roman world
-Wine in Arab times
-Methods of wine production
-Types of wine
-Types of grapes
-History of the glass bottle
-History of the cork
-Course of wine tasting in illustrated panels

The visitors of this museum will also be able to taste a few samples of wines. The museum has a wine tasting school, sale of wines, cellars and promotions of wines and cellars.

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