Ronda Bullring

The bullring in Ronda is recognised as one of the oldest and most monumental there is, built in 1785, it was used in the beginning for jockey exercises on horses. If you come to Ronda you simply cannot miss the opportunity of visiting it. Ronda is considered to be one of the birthplaces of bullfighting as we know it today.

The bullring belongs to Ronda’s Royal Armoury of Cavalry, that has historically concentrated on bullfighting and equestrianism. They fomented the discipline amongst the city’s horsemen celebrating exercises and fomenting the breeding of horses. Today it still maintains an equestrian school of classic taming.

History of the bullring

Its construction was based on the need to defend the territory, in 1572, shortly after the conquest over the Muslims, Ronda’s Royal Armoury of Cavalry was founded. They began to carry out games of skill for training where, amongst others, they included bulls, an exciting show that attracted the whole population.

Already in the 18th century, the horsemen weren’t the ones to deal with the bulls anymore, but popular personalities dedicated to this, the bullfighters, a festivity whose origins date back to the Bronze Age and that continues today all around the world, although there are now more and more places where they prefer not to sacrifice the animal, except for Spain. In the past, it was carried out in a central square, but Ronda’s Royal Armoury decided to build the famous bullring, seeing the bullfighting’s boom, which was inaugurated in 1785.

Ronda’s Royal Armoury of Cavalry museum is situated under the (‘¿dentidos?’) and offers all the information about the origins and evolution of bullfighting over the years.

La Goyesca

This festivity is held on the first days of September in Ronda and the first was celebrated in 1954; it's made up bullfighting matadors, 'banderilleros' and picadors dressed in the typical costumes from the days of Goya, which is the reason for the name of this celebration, "Goyesque bullfight of Ronda".

You can check our website for to find information about bullrings in Andalucia.

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