The Washington Irving Bike Route

Fascinated by Andalusí culture, Washington Irving travelled this Route (formerly both border country and trade route), covering the distance that joins and separates two historical and geographical poles of Al-Andalus. The dawn and dusk of cultures, East and West, Al Mutamid and Boabdil.

Seville and Granada: Two Historical Poles

Seville (capital of al-Andalus in 1163) and Granada (capital of the Nazrid kingdom from 1231) are two places spatially set apart, but united by a joint trajectory and the same mix of blood. Both Moorish, both Christian, they share and reveal the history and culture of al-Andalus.

One Andalusia, Two Peoples

Seville and Granada are at the same time one Andalusia and two peoples, one heartbeat and two ways of seeing and feeling. To travel from one to the other is to make a sentimental journey through time.

Following in the Footsteps of Washington Irving

Following the footsteps of the illustrious writer, the entire Route goes crosscountry. Washington Irvin wrote a recommended reading which is actually free of copyright: Tales of the Alhambra.

The Route by Bike

The Washington Irving Route is designed and built in its entirety to be done by bicycle. It begins in Seville and passes through Alcalá de Guadaíra and the Sierra de los Alcores and its Roman capital, Carmona. This way you can visit a large part of the province of Seville [^1^][1]. The route can be done completely or only some sections. One of the features that make it a tourist attraction for sports lovers is that the route is enabled to do it by bike in seven days. If you like history and in turn nature and physical exercise, do not hesitate to delve into this adventure.


The first part of the journey combines extraordinary monumental wealth with a variety of equally remarkable landscape and naturalistic interest. Not only Seville, but Carmona, Marchena, Osuna, Estepa, are amazing monumental complexes that also owe much of their vestiges of Arab heritage. It is important that before leaving you put on comfortable clothes and, above all, you are attentive to the signs that exist on the route to avoid you getting lost. Along the way you can stop at any of the villages to eat something or cool off. Try to distribute your strengths and do not overdo it at this early stage, as there is still a long road ahead.


The stretch that runs through the province of Malaga is one of the most impressive and popular. From the countryside of Seville, the route submerges up to the stunning Fuente de Piedra Lagoon. Here you can take the opportunity to make spectacular photos of the scenery and enjoy the views of this enclave, cradle of the colorful flamingos. Step by step, the traveler moves to the crossroads of Andalucia, Antequera, to the north of Malaga, at the gates of the kingdom of Granada.

Bike routes:

- From Seville to Osuna.
- From Osuna to Antequera.
- From Antequera to Loja.
- From Loja to Montefrío.
- Flying visit to Alhama.
- From Montefrío to Granada.

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