Cordoba´s Campiña Sur

The region of the South Countryside (Campiña Sur) in Cordoba comprises several towns in the province, some of them with an important cultural legacy and other large agricultural areas for the cultivation of the vine.

The Countryside South is located just between the Subbetic Mountains and the Guadalquivir Valley, an area of ​​low winter temperatures up to 0°C and hot summers with temperatures that can reach 40ºC.

In the countryside abound crafts and wines like the famous wine of Montilla-Moriles with designation of origin.

Villages of Campiña Sur

This region of Cordoba is located in the heart of Andalusia, an area of ​​continental climate comprising several municipalities of Cordoba and which is divided into distinct areas: Campiña Baja and Campiña Alta characterized by the cultivation of the vine and Las Colonias which are composed by the most recent villages.

Cordoba countryside

Aguilar de la Frontera

Small village of Roman origin which bases its economic activity nowadays in agriculture and pottery.

Fernan Nunez

This locality bases its main economic activity in the cultivation of sunflower, olive groves and cereal and its history dates back to prehistoric remains found in the area in addition to being an Iberian and Roman city.


This village dates back to prehistoric times from remains found in the area, later in Roman times it was known as Ulia. Its monuments include Montemayor Castle built with Roman remains in the fourteenth century and the old Moorish fortress of Dos Hermanas.


Municipality considered essential in the economy of Cordoba, which dates back to the prehistoric, an era from which have been found numerous remains.


This municipality is situated south of Montilla and the remains found of human presence date back into prehistory. Monturque received Roman, Arabic and Christian influence throughout history.


Town of Cordoba famous for its wines and of recent origin, though the presence of vestiges shows that there was human presence in the area during prehistoric times.

Puente Genil

One of the towns with the highest number of population in the region with more than 30,000 inhabitants in the year 2013.

La Rambla

This town in the region originates from a prehistoric and later Roman settlement. Currently the main economic activity is agriculture and pottery.

San Sebastian de los Ballesteros

Small town of less than 1000 inhabitants founded in the mid eighteenth century.


Village of Arab origin conquered by the Christians during the middle of the thirteenth century and which became a municipality in 1569.

Transport in the area of Campina Sur

Major roads that cross this area of ​​Cordoba are:

A-45: Motorway linking Malaga with Antequera and Cordoba.
N-331: Country road parallel to the A-45.
A-423: Highway crossing Valle de los Pedroches.
A-340: Links Estepa in Seville with Guadix in Granada through Campina Sur of Cordoba.

The train links the municipalities of Montilla, Aguilar de la Frontera and Puente Genil with the train stations in Malaga and Madrid.

There are as well other train stations which link municipalities like Puente Genil with Seville and Malaga.

Map of this region

Other regions of Cordoba

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- Campina de Baena
- Campina Sur - Cordoba
- Los Pedroches
- Subbetica
- Valle del Guadiato
- Valle Medio del Guadalquivir

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