Sierra Morena of Cordoba

This region of Cordoba includes the Natural Park Hornachuelos and the Natural Park Cadeña - Montoro.

The Natural Park Cadeña-Montoro stands out for its typical Mediterranean vegetation with pine forests, wildlife like the imperial eagle, the vulture, stork and mammals such as lynx, wolves, otters and other species.

In this Natural Park we highlight the craft work of hemp and ornamental ironwork.

Natural Park Hornachuelos

This Natural Park is located in the western area and comprises several municipalities in the province of Cordoba.

As this park crosses the rivers Guadiato and Retortillo, we also find a large colony of black vultures and griffon in addition to nests of golden eagle and black stork. Among mammals is still possible to find the Iberian lynx, the wolf and otter and other species.

Villages of Sierra Morena in Cordoba

Within the region of Sierra Morena in Cordoba are the following municipalities.

Small village of Cordoba which in the past was a crossing and where you will find some monuments and sights that you can visit like the tower Torre del Reloj and the farmhouses of Montes Comunales.

This villa in Cordoba is a perfect destination for rural tourism with climbing and hiking areas. The history of Espiel dates back to the Roman era of which are preserved some remains.

From this western town of Cordoba are outstanding its lodgings, popular for their proximity to the natural Park Hornachuelos.

Alongside Sierra Morena is situated this town of less than 10,000 inhabitants already inhabited from the Iberian period and which was later Roman, Visigoth and Arab city.

Village of the region of Sierra Morena in Cordoba located on 700 meters above sea level and with remains of two castles from between the ninth and eleventh centuries.

38 km from the capital, in the heart of Sierra Morena is situated this town where have been found remains dating back its origins to the first century; a destination where you can visit the Fuente Agria spas, springs of ferruginous and carbonated waters.

Villanueva del Rey
Village whose history dates back to the fourteenth century, established during the conquest of Cordoba and where is situated the Castillo de Villanueva del Rey, a legacy of the Andalusian era located in Cerro de los Castillejos.

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