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Festivals and traditions are the expression of the soul of a people. This legacy, which dates back several centuries, stays alive by being transmitted from one generation to another and thus endure over time.

The"Día de la Cruz" or Day of the Cross.
A popular tradition celebrated in Grandad and the rest of the province on May 3rd. Patios, balconies, streets and houses are decorated with flower-clad crosses and traditional utensils, around which the people meet to eat, drink and dance.

The" Feria del Corpus" or the Corpus Christi Festival in Granada
The Corpus Christi procession dates back to the conquest of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs. The Feria del Corpus is celebrated in Granada around those dates. The city devotes a long week to celebrating, especially in the evenings at the fairground.

The "Virgen del Carmen"
On 16th July, the day of the Virgen del Carmen, the festivity of the patron saint of fishermen is celebrated in coastal areas with a picturesque procession on the sea.

The "Cascamorras" in Guadix
On the festivity of the Virgen de la Piedad-September 6th an eccentric character from Guadix known as Cascamorras travels to Baza to try to steal the image of the Virgin kept there. He is then given a rough time by groups of youngsters, who cover him with tar and oil and finally dump him into two fountains before gets Baza, where he spends to days of celebrations before going back to Guadix empty-handed.

"Semana Santa" or Holy Week
A deep-routed religious celebration in Andalusia celebrated at Easter. Emotion is tangible when procession fill the streets of the main towns in the province.

"Moros y Cristianos" Moors and Christians
A festivity celebrated in several villages and towns of the province, especially in the Alpujarra, with a play acted by the villagers themselves.-the celebrations are especially colorful and traditional in Válor, the birthplace of the morisco Abén Humeya. The roles of Moors and Christians are passed from fathers to sons.



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