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Thanks for your great service. After many years with another company I have changed to malagacar.com.

It's great to arrive to friendly faces and not be treated with contempt, as with some other companies.

Keep it up!
От: Tim Webb
Отправлено: 27/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Hello Maryori, thank you again for looking after everything so well.

This is another good performance from Malagacar and I will have no difficulty recommending Malagacar to my friends.

Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Hope to be on with you again in the Spring.
От: Sean Mckenna
Отправлено: 25/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
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I was a little nervous about using a company without a desk in the terminal, particularly as I was travelling on my own, but I needn't have been concerned. The transfer in both directions was quick, efficient and friendly. Thank you.
От: P Bell-ashe
Отправлено: 25/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
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We were delighted with the service, but we really did not expect that would be served a minivan, but then we did not bother and had a good trip anyway. But my surprise was when I checked my account and the refund is not correct; you just refunded one; by the amount it is the petrol but the deposit is missing. I already informed by phone about this mistake and I was told that the tank was not as delivered, which is not true as it had more than half of the tank and the employee who drove us to the airport communicated it to another staff member in order to return the amount of the fuel tank and the deposit; I am waiting for prompt response and I hope that everything will be solved.

Response Malagacar.com

Dear customers,
Thank you for your email and we are glad you enjoyed our service. You are absolutely right and I see that, by mistake, we have only returned the amount of fuel. I immediately proceed to refund the deposit, attaching the receipt of the transactions.
Kindest regards and we are happy to help you in the future,
J. Alberto Anglada
От: Miguel Angel Magadan Magadan
Отправлено: 22/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Everything went perfectly; the contact person, the shuttle bus, car collection. Although: Communication in English only! And the deposit was transferred immediately to the credit card.
От: Gradwohl
Отправлено: 21/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Overall, good as always; but a worse experience this time.

Maybe it was our mistake to arrive on a Saturday morning at Malaga Airport (20th Oct) but the pick up at the shuttle bus was horrible. Our small group of 3 eventually made it to the office via two separate buses having been physically pushed by other customers whilst trying to load cases. And even then I think there were others who had been pushed past still left awaiting pickup. Not a good way to start the holiday. We overheard at least one comment saying that they would never use your company again.

The car was under filled (1/4 rather than 1/2) but that was dealt with well by a member of staff. Shame that I had to check the fuel level.

On our return in order to avoid any more hassle, I dropped my passengers off at the airport and then returned the car to avoid wasting shuttle bus space.

In future if I see such a large unruly crowd at the pickup, I will walk or take a taxi to the office.

Please can you consider management of that pickup zone with either numbered tickets or by placing a member of staff with a Q point at the actual pickup. This would only be necessary at peak times and would mean that customers arriving at the office are in a better frame of mind.

Many Thanks


Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Mr. McColl,
First of all, thanks for your comment which is really appreciated by us.
I don’t think it was your mistake, so if you have to travel on a Saturday you know there may be a little bit more customers than other days but we must give you as well a good service.

We are considering when the customer is met by our employee at Malaga Airport, the customer will receive a number which must be given to the shuttle bus driver. Then it will be easier for you. For your next time may be this system is working. For us the customer service is very important and we like you to enjoy your holidays from the first minute.

J. Alberto Anglada

Response from customer
Hi Alberto,

First, many thanks for your quick response. I know I had taken a while to send my feedback, but your 6 euro email reminded me :).

I am glad you are looking at the management of the transfer from the airport to the office. That is very encouraging.

I look forward to using MalagaCar again next time we visit (probably in the new year) and again, thank you for replying swiftly.

Best Regards


Response from Malagacar.com
Thanks Craig,

We will always do the best for you and now you have all my details so you can contact me for everything.

От: Craig Mccoll
Отправлено: 20/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (3 из 5)
Just returned home after a good break in Spain and wanted to thank you.

The service and value is superb and I appreciated the upgraded car - it did not go un-noticed!

Many thanks

От: Keith Howell
Отправлено: 19/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I recently hired a car from your company, and I want to tell you what an excellent experience it was from start to finish. The pick up from the airport up was quick, the man who processed my rental was friendly and efficient, the car was superb, and it was easy to collect in your garage. On my return one of your men simply drove me to departures in the car I had just returned; he again was very friendly and even shook my hand when he dropped me off at departures!! Just brilliant in this day and age.

I have already recommended you to 2 of my friends and they will use you.

I will also definitely use you on my return to Malaga.

Well done to your company.

Best regards

Ian Hyslop
От: Ian Hyslop
Отправлено: 18/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Again, the people of Malagacar.com show their effectiveness and good work they never fail in anything and you always get pleasantly surprised.
Malagacar.com is an example for the rest of car rental companies; each segment has several models, they could assign any, because they are all practically brand new; I asked for a specific model and they did not hesitate to give it to me, great; and unbeatable prices, I recommend it to everyone.
Thanks to the team of Malagacar.com and its director Mr. Anglada
От: Juan Manuel Hernandez Calero
Отправлено: 10/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I hired from Malagacar.com and couldn’t have been more pleased. The office was busy but all the desks were staffed. I was lucky to be upgraded to a Toyota Auris which was clean and didn’t have a scratch on it and only 9,500 kms on the clock. I opted for the half tank of diesel and only had to put a bit in on day 11 of 11 so it’s worth it in my opinion.

The staff member I dealt with was polite and courteous. He brought the car to us right outside the office. When we dropped off we didn’t even need to get the cases out as we were taken direct to the airport in 'our' car. Malagacar were recommended by a friend who uses them regularly and I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received.
От: Craig Langley
Отправлено: 06/11/2012
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)

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