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Hi, Overall I had a good experience hiring a car with Malagacar and would use again. The car had a few scratches but we noted this on the hire agreement and there was no issue on the return. The only area of improvement that I would suggest is relating to the childrens car seats. The first one that we picked was broken and the staff were not trained on how to fit them. Malagacar need to improve on this.
От: S Shah
Отправлено: 28/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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We had heard that car hire at Malaga airport can be a complete nightmare, so we carefully checked onine reviews and went with Malagacar.com as they had a better score than most. We paid extra for full service because they offered "Priority check-in with express pick-up & return service" as quoted on their website and we wanted to avoid any problems on arrival. I have no idea what we were paying for. When we arrived we were waived down the road to pick up a van that took ages to arrive, and when it did everyone waiting just ran at the driver trying to get on the vehicle. There were arguments among customers because there was no queues and people were just jumping in. There seemed to only be one van taking passengers to the depot and the driver spoke no english so could provide no reassurance. AFter waiting for 30 mins we ended up paying out 20 euros to take a taxi 3 mins down the road because we had no faith at all in the service and had no idea when we would finally fight out way on to a van. When we arrived at the office, the priority queue (desk no.3) had longer queues than the standard service desk. In summary, we paid extra to guarantee no hassle at the airport, and it was a complete nightmare. Not what you want when you arrive with two very tired children to start your holiday. Why they don't have somebody managing things and organising people on and off the taxi service from the airport to the depot i have no idea.
От: Henrietta Corcoran
Отправлено: 22/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (2 из 5)
Worst experience i have ever had, To begin with the pros because they are not alot Good price but not compared to quality Frequent shuttle service from/to airport Fast check out process yet not professional No credit card required on booking The cons They began with the lond waiting time at the office since there were only two employees serving a bunch of customers Although we have booked the full package which had a seperate window at the office The recieving process is lengthy, the employeee was extremely rude and acted as if we are waisting her time She asked for our credit card even though after saying that we want to pay cash and although we have booked the full package which entails that no excess must be reserved on the credit card. She did not clarify why does she need the credit card for even after asking her 3 times; the answer was I just need it. Another thing is that when we asked for the mifi and the gps that we booked she said let me see if mifi is available !!! Let me see, then why do people reserve it prior in time ?? Thanks god she had this mifi ofcourse uncharged and she even gave it to us without the usb adapter that we have to put in the car because the card didn't have any built in usb adapter. As we have booked a renault clio w had a fiat which was no problem because its in the same group but the problem is that when they claim that all their cars are 2015 she gave us a car that is a 2012 which was really the oldest of all cars in the parking area and when i asked for this right she said I can't do anything for u all other cars are booked. I even asked her if I can upgrade to another car group and get a better car, she had the same response. And not to miss that the car had a big stain on the back seet. Ps: They don't refund fuel that is extra than half but this one was our fault
От: Nariman Eissa
Отправлено: 21/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Our experience with Malaga car hire got off to a good start however unfortunately we had some issues with our accommodation and needed to return home early. We brought the car back only 2 days into our 6 day rental and upon drop off were told by the member of staff checking the car back in that we would receive 3 days rent back by refund. After numerous emails to this company with no reply we still have not received our refund which was promised. Be aware when returning a vehicle back early as what is promised for all intents and purpose isn't carried out.
От: Mr Adams
Отправлено: 19/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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There are terrible stories about car hire companies but we have hired from Malagacars.com numerous times and never had one single problem and have 4 more bookings in to 2017 so are glad to give a 5 star rating
От: Robin John Grant
Отправлено: 17/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Really bad service arrived at malagacar.com offices mixed my car booking up with my parents nobody explained how the car worked etc etc Stayed in Mijas area, car that was given to me was not fit for purpose clutch absolutely gone car kept stalling going up hills really dangerous,car got so bad decided to leave it parked at the villa. When I returned the car and complained I was told that the manager was at home in bed and that it wasn't his problem(typical Spanish medieval attitude towards customer service) Left with a very sour experience, one car hire company to avoid!!!!!!
От: Paul Sibley
Отправлено: 16/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Good and fast service, friendly and a very reasonable price. Booking via the website wasn't very easy, had to do it 3 times before it succeeded, but that's not really a problem, especially when you get an fine car, and you don't have to wait. I strongly recommend this company!! Jan Netherlands
От: Jan Biesma
Отправлено: 15/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Excellent company. Terrific value. Friendly helpful staff
От: James Long
Отправлено: 10/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Malagacar.com are a fantastic company. It was my first time hiring a car abroad and was a little apprehensive but they were very welcoming, friendly and helpful not to mention a great price. Malagacar.com were recommended to me and they certainly lived up to that. I would recommend them to anyone and would definitely use them again on my next visit. Thank you Malagacar.com.
От: Martyn Dainty
Отправлено: 06/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I have used 95% of all the car hire companies in Spain.I can honestly say that this company are easily the best. Such a shame they are just based in Malaga. Ian
От: Ian Black
Отправлено: 03/08/2016
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)

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