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I recently rented with Malagacar.com (2 adults and 2 babies) and had the following issues; (1) I arrived at the airport and the lady at the airport explained the vague outline of where to go for the shuttle bus. Arrived only to see the shuttle bus pull off just as we arrived. Surely there can be better coordinating between these functions? Had to wait for the next shuttle bus with no idea as to how long it would take. (2) I had booked 2 child seats for the rental car. The car was handed over in the middle of the road where I had to load my luggage, prams etc, and also install 2 baby car seats. Could not believe that the car seat were not pre-installed and it took me an age to get them in (lot different that the ones I'm used to). In the mean time we were obstructed only car rental owners and we put under huge pressure to get everything loaded and babies secured (drenched in sweat) and without a single bit of help for the car company. The car should not have been handed over to use in the middle of the road knowing we have a lot of luggage, 2 babies and 2 car seat all to get loaded. Horrible customer service. (3) When eventually we were in the car I spend an age trying to change the sat navigation system from Spanish to English. You would think that this would have been completed already (like other rental companies automatically do) that the sat nav should be set up up in English for us. When I ran back in to the company to have this sorted it was impossible to find someone available or willing to help. When at last I had to interrupt someone they told me to hang on and would get someone to look at it. Customer service is a big problem here. (4) The sat navigation system turned out to be out of date and on many occasion we were directed to road that no longer existed or directed to roads that were incorrect. In addition it does not recognize addressees that are known to be correct. I do a lot of traveling with my job and have never encountered such a poor level of service with other rental companies. Also, please update your sat navs on a regular basis.
От: Michael Kenny
Отправлено: 18/05/2016
Оценка: (2 из 5)
We have been holidaying on the Costa del Sol for 14 years and book at least 3 times a year and always use your company. No other company comes close to the service and quality of cars you provide. Only once have we had a problem and it was rectified immediately. I always recommend Malagacar to all our friends and family when visiting and they too are equally impressed. Well done Malagacar.com. See you soon.
От: Wendy Leney
Отправлено: 17/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Used Malagacar.com first time in March 2016, very happy with the service, no long wait times, staff polite. Booking again.
От: Ian
Отправлено: 17/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)

Have just returned from a weeks break in Malaga and made the choice to rent our car from Malagacars who are without doubt the most honest and professional hire company I have ever dealt with all the the staff are very friendly and make you feel at ease from picking up your car to dropping it off could not have gone smoother everything they say on there advertisement is true we rented using the full package something I would recommend and will use in the future well done Malagacars look forward to seeing you all many times in the future

От: Dennis Gardner
Отправлено: 17/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)

Excellent service every time, quick and easy. I'm a long time customer and find that it gets easier and easier

От: Michael William Ryan
Отправлено: 16/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Why do you need to introduce a bronze, silver, gold, platinum, vip, super vip systems into a hereto well functioning and respected car rental company that is doing so well? I was so disappointed the last time (March) I came in to your office to see all the distinctive areas for "special customers". Let's keep hold of the old fashioned ideas of service for all, and leave the "Snob Class" out of it. After all they should be able to have a chauffer waiting for them at the terminal. Best regards Adrian Brunton
От: Adrian
Отправлено: 14/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Every aspect of dealing with Malagacar.com is excellent! The decision to reward loyalty with increasing discounts takes Customer Service to a new level - just brilliant !!
От: James Aspinwall
Отправлено: 13/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Since 2012, I must have rented a car for about 7 times with Malagacar. I never have experienced any problem with them. The bus shuttle is very convenient, and when returning the car, they take you back to the airport quite fast (with bus or your rental car). I never had to wait more than maximum 10 minutes to get my car and return is even faster. The cars are recent, mostly clean and in good working order. Sometimes you even get a free upgrade.. ;) ;) Important as well: Unless other companies at Malaga Airport, you are charged with additional fuel costs. (Once I rented a car at R..ordc.. in Malaga Airport, and I can guarantee you: once and never more! I got charged approx for an extra 25€ just to fill up the car!) At Malagacar you just pay for a half tank, and you can bring it back empty. So, no complaints at all, no remarks at all? Yes, only one remark concerning that half tank system. No one (with some common sense) will bring back the car with a complete empty tank, taking the risk to have a break down going back to the airport. So they are always on the winners side at Malagacar. But I prefer to "offer" Malagacar that small fuel amount than to get ripped off by having to pay "fuel charges" plus the fuel itself. Otherwise: All perfect. In a couple of weeks I have a new car rental in Malaga. Guess at what company I did my reservation again... You are Right ;) Why change a winning team?
От: Bruno Verbrugghen
Отправлено: 13/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Excellent car hire company. Have used Malagacar.com 4 times now, and have been highly impressed by the quality of the service and cars. No hidden surprises,honest and upfront insurance details, and very fair fuel policy. My congratulations to Alberto Anglada for running an excellent team. Thanks! Alan Walker
От: Alan Mowbray Walker
Отправлено: 13/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Absolutely fabulous service yet again. Thank you.
От: Anthony Sharpe
Отправлено: 11/05/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)

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