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Just hired a vehicle from Malagacar.com between 06/09/13 to 20/09/13. Upon arrival at Malaga airport the representative was a little difficult to locate as she wasn't where it said she would be in the instructions. Had to ring the company to locate her. Once we had we were shown where to catch the minibus for the very short journey to their premises just across the very busy dual carriageway from the Airport. Once at the Office it was quite busy but the staff did an excellent job dealing with the customers and we only had to wait about 5 minutes before we were dealt with. We were dealt with, swiftly, professionally and with a very friendly attitude. We were asked if we required the extra insurance at E4.00 per day. You were not pressured at all to take this insurance and if you didn't all they do is take the cost of the hire twice. Once for payment and once for a deposit which is returned when you take the car back in good order. A very good policy i think. Once the paperwork was completed which took about 10 minutes we were escorted to our vehicle by the lady who dealt with us. The car was just as we had ordered, a Citroen C3, petrol 5 door. The vehicle had half a tank of fuel which we were promised at a reasonable cost. This is so much better than paying for a full tank like most other companies insist you do. Our car had just over 43,000Km on the clock but you could tell that it was well looked after by the company. It had a few scratches etc...but it was mechanically sound and very clean inside. Overall Malagacar.com are a company I wouldn't hesitate in using again when I am next in the area. They offer good vehicles at reasonable prices with excellent customer service and unlike some other companies don't try and pull one over on you. They are well worthy of your business.
De: Ronald Anthony Call
Soumis le: 21/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
I was very pleasantly surprised. The airport pick-up was very timely. The paperwork at the office took about 7 minutes and I had my car. The car was in very good condition. Also returning at 5 in the morning went smoothly. The staff was very friendly. I can recommend them.
De: Frank Schuette
Soumis le: 21/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
My opinion:
- Fair pricing (car, insurance, extra driver), no financial surprises, no tricks when you get the car. Things are priced like the website states.
- Good car. I got an almost new D2 car.
- Half tank fuel policy. Not perfect, but a step in the right direction. I prefer the FULL pickup FULL return policy.
- Best pick-up service ever. The van left the airport to the company immediately with only us two on board. When we returned the car one of the staff drove us to the airport in our own car. No luggage to carry from car to the van. From arrival at the company to arrival at the airport it took only a few minutes.

So overall, a very positive score. Tried many other car rental companies before but when in Malaga I will rent again at malagacar.com.
De: F. Albertsma
Soumis le: 21/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
Always a great service, which is why we are using you again - and as you state - NO FUEL RIP OFF!!!!!!
De: Briggs Family
Soumis le: 17/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
We were in Andalusia from September 4 and I decided to try Malagacar. And it was an excellent choice. Everything was as expected, there was no waiting time and the car was in perfect condition. I am just sorry that we had a small crash and damaged a bit our Toyota Auris. I am very grateful to everyone at Malagacar for being able to enjoy a nice holiday.
I can definitely recommend Malagacar; you do not have to look any further. In my opinion 5 stars are too little for the perfect service. Thank you very much again and I wish you many happy customers
De: B. Benicka
Soumis le: 17/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
Another good car experience with Malagacar.
The idea of giving a number when you present your voucher to the rep. at the airport is a good one. It was getting a bit of a free for all when the pickup bus arrived. I also like the idea of being able to bring back the car half full with fuel and getting a refund although I didn´t use that option. Car was clean inside and out, not many scratches and a higher category than what I paid for. Thank you. On return I was taken to the airport in the car. Don´t know why but much appreciated.
Looking forward to using you again towards the end of October.
De: Andrew Martin Whitton
Soumis le: 16/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
Regarding the general conditions, everything was fine, the booking, the transfers, the car, they gave me a Toyota Auris...everything was fine, but the regarding the fuel I felt being ripped off.
When I picked up the car they charged me 40 euros supposedly for half a tank (I accept that but it seems strange to me as in my own car which is higher standard and gasoline don´t fit in 70 euros)... I pay and start driving to Estepona; well with these 40 euros I couldn´t even drive 300 km which is strange for a Diesel, as with my gasoline car I can drive for about 480 km.
The surprise was when the warning light for refuelling went on, I stopped, put in 25 euro and the tank indicated the same amount when they gave me half tank...which means they charged about 15 euros more than it really was...but the worst thing was when I brought back the car and told the staff there and he told me they just do what a machine tells them to do and washed his hands of without any further explanation.
Just for this fact, next time I´ll try a different company.

Response from Malagacar.com
Dear Sr. López,
Thanks for your email. The fuel tank of the Toyota Auris has a capacity of 55 litres for which you have been charged € 40.88, corresponding to 28 liters of fuel, which is a price of 1.46 € per litre. Note that once the reserve light comes on, there still may be around 8 to 10 litres of fuel in the tank. However, if we charge for half a tank and not a full tank it is precisely to avoid that customers cannot consume all the fuel.
De: Hector
Soumis le: 16/09/2013
Note: (3 sur 5)
After 4 years in a row of renting cars through Malagacar I have had my first real cause for complaint. My first comment is really from last year with the fact you really do have to have either the patience of a saint or the steely determination to fight your way through to a courtesy bus if you arrive on a popular/busy flight. I really think Malagacar need to have a man on the ground to coordinate the chaos and potential aggravation that can occur when large amounts of stressed travellers arrive at the same time to try and grab the once every 5 minute courtesy buses that come through.This is not my main gripe though as this year they managed to charge me three times on my credit card which in it self is not a great problem just annoying to have to sort out on my return. I was just disappointed in the standard of car that after 4 years I have come to expect a very good service with new vehicles in good condition. We pay top dollar for these cars and this year mine was tired to look at and to drive and the drivers side rear light cluster did not work. I had brake lights and indicators but no rear lights, come on Malagacar you can do better.I could have complained at the time but I was 40 minutes away from Malaga and I was on holiday after all!

Next year I will try someone else as you guys are not that cheap any more with your increasing CDW, your insistence for charging half a tank at 50 euros! Also now charging for additional drivers. Conclusion - could do better.

Response of Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Since a few months ago we are working with a new system based on order of arrival numbers and this has been successful (as stated by our customers).
You were charged three times by mistake this but was not our mistake; the system didn?t indicate the charge was made. We are sorry the incident.
I can see a Megane was rented by you. I cannot see the car´s conditions as this car was sold but as you know from previous rentals, the cars are rented in perfect conditions.
You paid 42,90 € for 30 litres of diesel fuel so this is 1,43 € per litre.

De: Leigh Rogers
Soumis le: 15/09/2013
Note: (2 sur 5)
After visiting Spain for 12 years we have now found the perfect car hire company both for price and customer service
Everyone at Malagacar is very professional and works very hard
So yet again we are just about to book our next trip in October we would recommend you anyone well done Malagacar.
De: Gary
Soumis le: 15/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)
just returned after another trip to Malaga region using your services(albeit via aurigacrown)definitely one of the best at the airport and just booked again direct with you for our next trip thanks again for the good service
one bit of constructive criticism was on our departure we were waiting in the mini bus to transfer to the departures and a couple from Europe were getting very distressed with the female who was dealing with them and their problem was they wanted a signature for the return which we regulars all know the procedure however the female was very short with them and left them very agitated I tried to calm them by explaining the norm which worked a little but I can then see how you get criticism for a somewhat small incident which hurts your operation rather than helping it I appreciate the Spanish temperament being going now for many years but they obviously didn't so a little more patience in the explaining would help

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. You are right; we have to understand their situation. I have heard many times from the customers that they had been charged for non-existent charges by other car hire companies after the car was returned. All our customers know we don´t do. My colleague had to be more patient.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Selwyn King
Soumis le: 15/09/2013
Note: (5 sur 5)

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