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Excellent car rental experience with MALAGACAR. Very recent car, fast formalities, airport shuttle, very pleasant staff, and above all no unpleasant surprises regarding additional insurance like unfortunately many other car rental companies. I highly recommend and I will return to them on my next trip.
De: Serge Legros
Soumis le: 25/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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At the office we did not get our car! We had a new creditcard without pin/code. I asked for help, there was help! NO pin/code NO car. I did not get the car without pin/code. When I read the booking information/payment they do not speak about a pin/code!!!!! We went to NIZACAR, and got a car by creditcard without pin/code.

Reply from Malagacar.com:

Dear customer, we are sorry you could not pick your car up but you must understand the pin code is mandatory when a payment is going to be made.

J. Alberto Anglada
De: Jozef Wallz
Soumis le: 17/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Your website cites in Contact Us page +34 600 523 523 as your WhatsApp contact information.That sounded lovely and hip and useful and all, but that number does not produce a match in Whatsapp. Please either fix the number of lose the reference to WhatsApp-

Hello Arto! The number WhatsApp is working fine. Just click the icon on your mobile phone. For computer you would have to download at app.
Kind regards!

De: Arto Ahlstedt
Soumis le: 13/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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We rented several times a car with Malagacar and always a good service, good cars and friendly staff.
De: Tanya Neyts
Soumis le: 12/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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What you see is exactly what you get. We booked for the second time, got a brand new car, excellent service, super fast checkin, no hassle, and the best price.
De: Jennifer Gelfgren
Soumis le: 07/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Thank you for the service you provide us. The car you gave us was a better model and we were thrilled, maybe in the future we will buy the car haha. You have treated us very well and we are loyal customers every time we come to Málaga, we will always rent from you. Thanks for everything.
De: Jon Eguiluz Gascon
Soumis le: 03/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Thank you, malagacar! It was fast and professional. As was said, there was an employee waiting for us in the lobby of the airport, who showed us the way to the shuttle, after 15 minutes we were in the office, after another 15 minutes in the car and that's considering my bad English. We took full insurance, we got a car one class higher than booked, thank you very much for that! The car is in excellent condition, no problem. The return of the car went even faster and more professional. Renting a car in a foreign country is a serious business, so it is very pleasant to deal with professionals, it leaves very positive emotions.
De: Andrey Orlichenko
Soumis le: 01/11/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Just superb, recommend by a friend who has used them several times. My first time, they were great, good car, good service, very satisfied. Trust me you wont be disappointed.
De: Paul Scoffield
Soumis le: 29/10/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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We have used Malagacar 40 times over the years. Excellent service and value, never had a bad experience from start to finish. Just about to book for next month.
De: Brian Acton
Soumis le: 28/10/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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I use your company many times. I am happy with the service overall but there had been things not checked on my recent car hires. I hired a car last week. I am just concerned that you don’t do proper checks before hiring the cars out. Don’t you have a check list? Little things are overlooked. The passenger electric window didn’t work. There was no water in the screen wash. The inside windscreen was dirty making it difficult to see out of.

Reply from Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. I will talk with the staff in order to check why the water was not refilled. About the electric window, it is working properly but the non-opening system lock was activated. This is managed from the driver door.
J. Alberto Anglada

De: Brenda Newsam
Soumis le: 25/10/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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