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May I make a suggestion based on my experience this week. I have a hired car this week. On my second day the remote control of the car would not open the car door. I used the key to open the door. The alarm sounded. The remote was obviously not working, the battery was dead?? I was in a remote area, I phoned Malagacar. They suggested i go to their office to get another remote control for the car. Will Malagacar pay the taxi fare (I have paid the ‘optional’ insurance). No, that can’t happen! I succeeded in asking a person to get a new battery for me. I eventually received the new battery late at night. The car started next morning. SUCCESS! Is it possible MALAGACAR will put a SPARE BATTERY in each hire car???
De: Tom Gavin
Soumis le: 01/12/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
Best Car Rental Company on the Earth!
De: Eliq Eelika Maranik
Soumis le: 30/11/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
I have used malagacar.com a few times now and have always had brilliant service. I was given a brand new VW Golf recently, to rent, which was amazing as it was spec’d-up with adaptive cruise control, electric auto-folding mirrors, Apple CarPlay, navigation, etc. Looking forward to my next time already. I fully recommend this company and I always go for the VIP pack (which I also recommend).
De: Karl Gibson
Soumis le: 28/11/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
We use malagacar.com once a year - other times we are usually in our own vehicle. The service this week was exemplary - handovers and turnarounds were very quick and stress-free (as usual). I was upgraded. I took only the 'basic' package (I have my own excess and breakdown insurance) - the fuel policy wasn't as I'd expected; you now pay for half a tank and return empty....not a problem but do work out your anticipated fuel use early in your trip and watch the mpg figures from the car (mine achieved over 55mpg!! That's the new VW Golf for you). Strongly recommend - and go for the basic package for the cheapest deal (but ensure you cover yourself for excess and breakdown).
De: Roger Antolik
Soumis le: 23/11/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
I used Malaga Car Hire for several years but after being stung by them for a chipped windscreen (which incidentally was still there when I saw the car again 3 months later) I switched to Malagacar. I must have used them 8 or 9 times now and they are terrific. Unfortunately they seem to be victims of their own success as the queues at collection time seem to get longer every visit
De: Geoff Dodd
Soumis le: 23/11/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
First time renting a car, we got the Full Pack, had absolutely no problem, the staff was really helpful and fast. Would totally rent again. Thanks!
De: Amalia Sotiropoulou
Soumis le: 22/11/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
Had no problems with car and the hiring and returning process. I would like to give more stars but Malagacar are still holding onto the credit card block/deposit. This is 2 weeks after we returned the car. No doubt that car will have gone out more than once since we returned it in perfect condition.

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for contacting us. The deposit was unlocked automatically about 12 days ago. The car was returned in perfect conditions.
J. Alberto Anglada
De: Gary Kirby
Soumis le: 16/11/2018
Note: (3 sur 5)
I have now used Malagacar 16 times over the past couple of years and I have found them excellent. The service is fast and efficient and the staff are courteous and friendly. I have just returned home from my most recent trip and everything went seamlessly and my car was upgraded which I much appreciated. I would highly recommend them.
De: Peter O' Dowd
Soumis le: 14/11/2018
Note: (5 sur 5)
Want to rate for a 5 stars, but still no info about my traffic fines, and no reply from malagacar!!!

Reply from Malagacar.com
Hello Marina! Our Adminstration Department replied to you on the 18th October: 

Dear client,
 We are not able to pay that kind of fine. The process is as following:
- We first receive formal notice of the fine and we are required to identify the driver of the vehicle.
- The customer can pay the fine in the website of the oficial organism  (normally mentioned on the attached document) choosing the english language and the reference of the fine (expediente) or wait for the formal letter that will arrive at your home adress.
- Later on, the traffic organization/town councils send the formal letter to the driver, to his/her home address and they are asked to pay the fine then.
This process can take several months, just wait to receive the letter with your name at home. You still will have a reduction for promt payment after reception.
Kind regards
De: Marina Kharchenko
Soumis le: 12/11/2018
Note: (4 sur 5)
We rented our car for 1 month and had no issues whatsoever. The airport greeter was easily spotted. The transit was quick. The registration was simple. The car was clean and excellent. We trust and highly recommend malagacar.com.
De: Andy Snelleman
Soumis le: 10/11/2018
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