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My experience over the past eight years renting cars with this company have been great very competitive rates great cars and friendly staff and on arrival at their depot I never have to worry as everything is in place ready for the collection of my rental car .PS there is no rip off with regards to the fuel agreement.
De: Hugh Heron
Soumis le: 01/05/2015
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I have used Malagacar 3 times now. I have had no problems at all with their cars or their service. Very quick processing at the office. Shuttle service to & from airport really quick too. Excellent company with great prices.
De: Gordon Findlay
Soumis le: 30/04/2015
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I am extremely annoyed at being mislead AGAIN by Malagar car hire. In Sept last year we rented a car from them and they used my credit card to take a security deposit. It is best practice that they apply this as holding funds and do not actually charge the credit card but keep the amount in ''escrow'' so that when the car is returned the SAME amount is released back on the card. I was stung by this in sept 14 when I lot £80 in transaction and exchange rate fees because malaga car debited my card directly for the amount. When we complained they told us it was a mistake and sent apologies. I booked with them again for April 15 only to find they have done this AGAIN resulting in me losing £122 this time in exchange rates and fees....taking £670 from my card and refunding only £575. I am furious and find this company absolutely despicable for their actions and will NEVER book with them again and write as many poor reviews as possible regarding them !
De: Lisa Smith
Soumis le: 29/04/2015
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Kära Malagacar. Jag har använt Er under många år och tyckt att Ni var mycket bra, har även ebn hemsida om Spanien och där rekommenderat Er. Men det tycks vara slut med detta nu. Blev vid senaste bokningen mycket besviken. Först dediterar ni second driver med 40€ som varit gratis innan och därefter låser Ni 1000€ om man inte tar tillägsförsäkring vilket jag inte brukar göra. Resultatet blev att5 de pengar som jag skulle leva på under vistelsen i Spanien försvann då kortet slog i maxtaket. Får man verkligen bete sig på detta sätt. Ni förstörde hela vår vistelse denna gång. Jag vill gärna ha en kommentar från Er ledningsansvarig. Kommer att ta bort rekommendationen på min hemsida. Ni har fått många kunder tack vare denna sida. Historien är så allvarlig att detta bör påtalas i den turistpress som finns i Spanien. Ett annat skäl är att Ni har en elktronisk underskrift som inte visar vad man skrivit på utan upptäcker det hela först när papperet överlämnas. Tack för Era kommentarer annars är det slut att anlita Er Bertil Jonasson
De: Bertil Ingemar Janasson
Soumis le: 29/04/2015
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bonjour, pour la premiére fois que je loue chez malagacar je suis trés content c est la meilleur que je connais a l aeroport pourtant je vais a malaga plusieur fois par an un service rapide a l arrivé comme au depart un personnel serviable et aimable qui ne vous force pas a prendre les assurance il vous laisse votre choix et un service carburant qui est tres bien mise a part un petit detail le carburant etait a la moitié 5 kms aprés il avais descendue d une barre enfin c est un petit détail
encore merci pour votre prestation
De: Abdelhouaeb Felix
Soumis le: 29/04/2015
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I have used Malagacar about 30 times over the past 10 years.
Although they are not situated directly in the airport, their bus shuttle service is very efficient and takes approximately 1 minute to get to their depot.
They are well organised and easy to deal with unlike some of the bigger companies and never rip you off. Thanks Malagacar and see you in May!
De: Tim Jackson
Soumis le: 24/04/2015
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On your website, you have big red text that you don't charge any extra for gasoline services. I rented a car and the amount should be 42€ + 20€ for gas service. However the sum for the rent was 122 €. The car should be ½ tank full. In real life there was about 1/3 (=2/6) and when I returned the car, tank was 1/6 full. So I used 1/6 tank and payed 60€ for that plus gas service 20€ = 122€. In my 25 years car driving career I haven't never crushed my car. So I didn't take any extra insurance. Because of that you kindle charged 1000€ from my VISA card. I returned that car on Tuesday and now on Friday my VISA account is still negative because of that charge that automatically disappear some day (I really hope). So next time I will for sure choose another company.
De: Mika Kauppala
Soumis le: 24/04/2015
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We have used Malagacar for approx 4-5 times per year for the last 5 years. They are an excellent company with no rip-offs. However, on our last holiday last month (24 Apr) we were robbed of my handbag via the flat tyre being let down by these people. Malacar came out to us within 30 mins to repair the tyre, but I was then told that I had to return the car to the airport in order to get a spare wheel. This I could not do until day 3 as the crime had to be reported (6 hrs in the police stn) cards had to be cancelled and extra money had to be obtained. My partner is also disabled and his needs have to be catered for. Can you tell me, Malagacar, has your policy been changed and are you possibly now taking a hire car out to ANYBODY who needs it or do we still have to return to the airport from wherever we are to change it? I have still not had a response from your Car hire manager and await one with anticipation.This was a very traumatic situation for us and just that little bit of help from yourselves would have helped greatly.

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear Mrs. Madlin,

Thanks for contacting us. I didn’t answer you because this is the first email I have from you. I can understand this is a really traumatic situation but at Malaga airport you could find a police station and may be you had not to wait 6 hours. He policy didn’t change so this is why We called Mapfre and the wheel was changed.

As soon as We received the phone call from you the assistance was sent but you have to understand the spare wheel must be given in our office.

De: Suzanne Madlin
Soumis le: 22/04/2015
Note: (5 sur 5)
Booked this company again at easter, no messing everything straight forward and quick customer service and everything is excellent would recommend to anyone and will definitely use again
De: Stephen Clarke
Soumis le: 22/04/2015
Note: (5 sur 5)
Used the service many times as has my family. Always helpful and prompt. Hassle free rental experiences, new rental cars and no rip off petrol pricing.
De: Karen Davis
Soumis le: 20/04/2015
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