Cordova craft tour

Craftmanship in this province has had a long historical evolution. Pottery comes from two main areas: the north, mainly Hinojosa de Duque and Pozoblanco, where the clay has a high content of iron and grains of mica that on baking, give the pottery a resddish colour with small metallic grains, and the south where the loam has a high content of calcium. Afer baking, the vessels are a pinky yellow that, if salt is previously added, would be a brilliant white. Particularly remarkable are the small ewers from La Rambla, the earthware vats from Lucena, the pitchers and eartpots from Alcolea del Río. Recovery of pottery of the period of the caliphs is perhaps the most brilliant initiative undertaken by young people in Cordova. Once again potters are using the designs, techniques and decorative motifs of what was the pottery of Cordova's greatest splendour under Islam. Plates, bottles and bowls are made, decorated with geometrical, vegetable and animal forms, and words in Cufic.

Jewellery is now one of the mainstays of the economy in Cordova where silvermiths have come into their own again. They are called silvermiths by tradition, though they work principally with gold. The workshops are in the town of Cordova and their designs go from the most classical earrings and rings, to the most advanced contemporary creations, to the extent of using new materials on occasion.

Cordova leather goods are of course well known and the trade is still handled in the family workshops in Cordova itself. The old embossing techniques are still used for Cordovan leather in metallizing, modelling and colouring up-to-date designs. The last pack-saddlers in the province work in Baena, where with leather and material, all sorts of different things are made for pack horses (headstalls, chinches, etc.) Almodóvar del Río is known for its saddlers, who likewise make chaps. Montoro is famous for its handmade shoes; also made from greased leather there are country boots, chaps, bags, cartridge belts, pouches and gun cases. gold as well as silk and silver embroidery on velvet is still available in Cordova, which is also known for its guitars.

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