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If you’re planning on flying from Birmingham to Malaga, you may need further information about the Birmingham airport and the airlines that offer flights from there.

The Birmingham-Westlands airport (BHX) is the seventh airport in quantity of passeners in the UK. It offers national and international flights to Europe, North America, Middle East, Pakistan and the Caribbean. It’s situated about 8 kilometres to the southwest of Birmingham with 2 terminals that are connected by train.

Services of the airport

This airport offers a meeting room and cash machines (ATM). If we wish to eat, there are several restaurants and fast food companies distributed around the airport, as well as bars and cafes.

The airport has souvenir shops, newspaper and magazine shops, duty-free shops and a supermarket, amongst other establishments.

The Birmingham airport is conditioned for the disabled, with adapted ramps, toilets and lifts. There are staff that know sign language and there is the possibility of travelling with a guide dog. It’s recommendable to contact ahead with the airline if we are going to require a wheelchair or any other special need.

Parking area

The parking lot is situated near the area of terminals of the Birmingham airport, it has 3 differentiated areas for short/medium distances and for long distances.


Near the airport there are several hotels:

Novotel Birmingham International airpirt - 0121 - 782 7000
Ibis Hotel - (0121) 780 5800
Etap Hotel - (0121) 780 5858
Crowne Plaza - (0871) 942 9160
Hilton Birminghan Metropole - (0121) 780 4242
Holiday Inn Express - (0121) 782 3222

Flights and airlines from Birmingham-West Midlands

South Tenerife airport, Spain    4h 30min    Monarch, Ryanair
Alicante, Spain    2h 37min    Monarch, Ryanair
Malaga airport, Spain    2h 55min    Monarch, Ryanair
United Kingdom    1h 30min    FlyBE
South Tenerife airport, Spain    4h 30min    Monarch, Ryanair
Alicante, Spain    2h 37min    Monarch, Ryanair
Amsterdam, Holland    1h 17min    KLM, FlyBE
Asjabad, Turkmenistán    6h 20min    Turkmenistan
Barcelona, Spain    2h 5min    Ryanair
Belfast, UK    1h 10min    FlyBE
Bratislava, Slovakia    2h 25min    Ryanair
Brussels, Belgium    1h 15min    Brussels
Bydgoszcz, Poland    2h 20min    Ryanair
Chambéry, France    2h 25min    FlyBE
Copenhagen, Denmark    1h 50min   
SAS Cork, Ireland    1h 35min    Aer Lingus
Cracovia, Poland    2h 25min    Ryanair
Derry, UK    1h 15min    Ryanair
Dubái, UAE    6h 50min    Emirates
Dublin, Ireland    1h 0min    Aer Lingus, Ryanair
Düsseldorf, Germany    1h 22min    Lufthansa, FlyBE
Edinburgh, UK    1h 15min    FlyBE
Istanbul, Turkey    3h 50min    Turkish
Stockholm, Sweden    2h 25min    SAS
Faro, Portugal    2h 50min    Monarch, Ryanair
Fráncfort del Meno, Germany    1h 35min    Lufthansa
Funchal, Portugal    3h 45min    Monarch
Geneva, Switzerland    1h 45min    easyJet
Glasgow, UK    1h 20min    FlyBE
Guernsey    1h 15min    FlyBE
Hamburg, Germany    1h 40min    Lufthansa
Hannover, Germany    1h 55min    FlyBE
Inverness, UK    1h 35min    FlyBE
Isla de Man    0h 55min    FlyBE
Islamabad, Pakistan    7h 50min    Pakistan
Jersey    1h 15min    FlyBE
Katowice, Poland    2h 25min    Ryanair
Knock, Ireland    1h 35min    Aer Lingus
Lanzarote, Spain    4h 15min    Ryanair, Monarch
Lárnaca, Cyprus    4h 40min    Monarch
Las Palmas, Spain    4h 27min    Monarch, Ryanair
Lyon, France    1h 42min    Monarch, easyJet
Malta    3h 20min    RyanairMilán, Italia    2h 12min    FlyBE, Ryanair
Múnich, Germany    1h 57min    Lufthansa, Monarch
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK    1h 0min    Eastern Airways
New York, USA    8h 5min    United
Palma, Spain    2h 25min    Ryanair
París, France    1h 30min    Air France, FlyBE
Puerto, Spain    4h 15min    Monarch, Ryanair
Rome, Italy    2h 40min    Monarch
Rzeszów, Poland    2h 45min    Ryanair
Shannon, Ireland    1h 40min    Aer Lingus
Sharm el-Sheij, Egypt    5h 25min    Monarch
Stuttgart, Germany    2h 10min    FlyBE
Venice, Italy    2h 10min    Monarch
Zúrich, Switzerland    1h 50min    Swiss

For further information about the airport, you can visit the official website:

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