Bristol airport (BHX)

If you’re planning to catch a flight from Bristol to Malaga, you may want to find out more about the airport, specially if it’s your first visit.

The international airport of Bristol (BRS) is situated in North Somerset and its origin comes from a flight club in which a group of entrepreneurs invested in 1927. The success of this club caused that a farm nearby became an airport, and was inaugurated in 1930 and becoming the third most important airport in the UK.

Bristol airport also achieved great importance during the second world war. The several different airlines that have operated in Bristol have made that the amount of passengers increases each year, amongst this companies it’s worth highlighting the low cost airlines, Easyjet and Continental Airlines.

The airport’s runway is one of the smallest which means the large airplanes cannot use it, being the Boeing 767 the biggest airplane that can land and take off in Bristol.

Services of the airport

Bristol airport has staff for the disabled and the facilities are well adapted.

The airport also has duty free shops and restaurants, as well as several stands where to buy a newspaper or a magazine.

Flights and airlines from Bristol

Flight from Bristol to Malaga airport (AGP) 2h 40m easyJet, Ryanair

Other flights from Bristol:

Aberdeen 1h 25m bmi Regional
Alicante, Spain 2h 30m easyJet, Ryanair
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1h 20m KLM, easyJet
Barcelona, Spain 2h 5m easyJet
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Béziers, France 1h 55m Ryanair
Budapest, Hungary 2h 30m Ryanair
City of Brussels, Belgium 1h 20m Brussels
Copenhagen, Denmark 2h 5m easyJet
Cork, Ireland 1h 20m Aer Lingus
Dublin, Ireland 1h 5m Ryanair, Aer Lingus
Edinburgh 1h 15m easyJet
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Funchal, Portugal 3h 30m easyJet
Gdańsk, Poland 2h 25m Ryanair
Geneva, Switzerland 1h 40m easyJet
Glasgow 1h 15m easyJet
Guernsey 1h 17m Blue Islands, Aurigny
Air Services Hamburg, Germany 1h 35m bmi
Regional Innsbruck, Austria 2h 10m easyJet
Inverness 1h 30m easyJet
Jersey 1h 2m Blue Islands, FlyBE
Katowice, Poland 2h 30m Ryanair
Kaunas, Lithuania 2h 30m Ryanair
Knock, Ireland 1h 5m Ryanair
Kraków, Poland 2h 30m easyJet
Lanzarote, Spain 4h 0m Ryanair
Las Palmas, Spain 4h 5m Ryanair
Leeds 0h 55m Eastern Airways
Lyon, France 1h 40m easyJet
Madrid, Spain 2h 20m easyJet
Malta 3h 20m Ryanair
Murcia, Spain 2h 35m easyJet
Newcastle upon Tyne 1h 5m easyJet
Nice, France 2h 5m easyJet
Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland 2h 15m Ryanair
Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2h 30m easyJet
Paphos, Cyprus 4h 40m easyJet
Paris, France 1h 27m Air France, easyJet
Pisa, Italy 2h 15m easyJet
Poznań, Poland 2h 20m Ryanair
Prague, Czech Republic 2h 5m easyJet
Puerto, Spain 4h 10m easyJet
Reus, Spain 2h 10m Ryanair
Rome, Italy 2h 30m easyJet
Salzburg, Austria 2h 5m easyJet
Tenerife-Sur Airport, Spain 4h 17m easyJet, Ryanair
Toulouse, France 1h 45m easyJet
Wrocław, Poland 2h 15m Ryanair
Zurich, Switzerland 1h 45m Helvetic

How to get to the airport

Bristol airport is situated at about 13 kilometres to the south of Bristol on the A-38. You can get there using your own vehicle or by bus that have bus stops in the local bus stations, the nearest is the Bristol bus station. You can also use other ways of transport like the train, of which the nearest station is the Bristol Temple Meads.

For further information we recommend to visit the airport’s official website:

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