Edimburgh airport - EDI

If you’re planning to fly from Edinburg airport to Malaga (EDI) (also known as "Port-adhair Dùn Èideann" in Welsh), you may need further information about its location and services, continue reading to learn more about this airport.

Currently the two main companies based in this airport are Easyjet and Ryanair.


The origin of this airport is military, as it was used during the first and second world war. It wasn’t until late 1940 when the airport timidly began its first commercial flights, like the first route from Edinburg to London with British European Airways.

The airport has gradually been expanding over the years with the aim of augmenting the amount of passengers from 1952 till its last expansion in 2005, year in which they built a new control tower and a new parking lot.

Amongst the latest plans for the airport is the construction of a new runway and an enlargement of the one existing so that bigger airplanes can land there and this way increase the current number of routes available.

Services of Edinburg airport

The airport has al the necessary services such as cash machines, currency exchange, internet access and a smoking area in the terminal’s exterior.

If you wish to eat or buy something to read, in the airport you’ll find several shops and restaurants.

The parking lot has a parking service for short and long stays, so if your trip extends we recommend to use the second option when parking your car at Edinburg airport.

How to get to Edinburg airport

The airport is situated by the M9 motorway, near the Fife Circle train station and Edinburg-Glasgow. It’s easy to get there by bus, train or using your own vehicle, which you’ll be able to park in the airport to be able to get home comfortably when you return.

The two main train stations are located in the centre of the city, Waverley station and Haymarket station, which is why we recommend that if you’re planning to catch a train, to commute from the station to the airport by taxi or by bus, which should take about 30 minutes.

If you’re going in your own car, you can leave it in the airport’s parking lot to get home comfortably when you return on the flight from Malaga to Edinburg.

For further information, feel free to visit Edinburg airport’s official website: http://www.edinburghairport.com/

Flights from Edinburg

From Edinburg we can choose from several different flights as well as to Malaga airport...here below is a list of flights, the companies offering those flights and the estimated time of arrival:

  • Malaga airport, Spain - 3h 17m - Ryanair
  • London - 1h 22m - British Airways, easyJet, Air France
  • Manchester - 1h 7m
  • Birmingham - 1h 15m
  • Alicante, Spain - 3h 10m - easyJet, Ryanair
  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 1h 35m - KLM, easyJet
  • Athens, Greece - 4h 10m - easyJet
  • Barcelona, Spain - 2h 45m - Ryanair
  • Basle, Switzerland - 2h 10m - easyJet
  • Belfast - 0h 50m - easyJet
  • Bremen, Germany - 1h 50m - Ryanair
  • Bristol - 1h 15m - easyJet
  • Budapest, Hungary - 3h - Jet2
  • Cardiff - 1h 30m
  • Chambéry, France - 2h 20m - Jet2
  • City of Brussels, Belgium - 1h 45m
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - 1h 48m
  • Cork, Ireland - 1h 45m - Aer Lingus
  • Dublin, Ireland - 1h 7m - Aer Lingus, Ryanair
  • Düsseldorf, Germany - 1h 40m - Ryanair
  • Exeter - 1h 35m
  • Faro, Portugal - 3h 22m - Ryanair
  • Frankfurt, Germany - 1h 55m - Lufthansa
  • Gdańsk, Poland - 2h 20m - Ryanair
  • Geneva, Switzerland - 2h 10m - easyJet
  • Isle of Man - 1h
  • Istanbul, Turkey - 4h 20m - Turkish
  • Kirkwall - 1h 15m
  • Kraków, Poland - 2h 45m - easyJet, Ryanair
  • Lanzarote, Spain - 4h 40m - Ryanair
  • Las Palmas, Spain - 4h 55m - Ryanair
  • Lisbon, Portugal - 3h 10m - easyJet
  • Łódź, Poland - 2h 30m - Ryanair
  • London - 1h 22m - British Airways, easyJet, Air France
  • Lyon, France - 2h 15m - easyJet
  • Madrid, Spain - 2h 55m - easyJet
  • Malta - 3h 55m - Ryanair
  • Manchester - 1h 7m
  • Milan, Italy - 2h 25m - easyJet
  • Munich, Germany - 2h 15m - easyJet
  • New York, USA - 7h 50m - United
  • Norwich - 1h 30m
  • Nottingham - 1h 15m
  • Oslo, Norway - 1h 45m - Ryanair
  • Paphos, Cyprus - 4h 55m - easyJet
  • Paris, France - 2h - Air France, easyJet
  • Poznań, Poland - 2h 15m - Ryanair
  • Prague, Czech Republic - 2h 27m - Jet2
  • Salzburg, Austria - 2h 10m - Jet2
  • Shannon, Ireland - 1h 35m - Aer Lingus
  • Southampton - 1h 30m
  • Stockholm, Sweden - 2h 5m - Ryanair
  • Stornoway - 1h 10m
  • Sumburgh Airport, Scotland - 1h 30m
  • Tenerife-Sur Airport, Spain - 4h 50m - easyJet, Ryanair
  • Wick - 1h
  • Zurich, Switzerland - 2h 20m


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