Osuna, which has been declared a Site of Historical and Artistic Interest, occupies a privileged place in the region of Andalucia at the crossroads between the provinces of Malaga, Granada, Seville and Cordoba. This strategic position has led to it being settled by civilisations such as the Tartessians, Romans and Moors who endowed this monumental town with a rich heritage. Indeed, one of its streets, calle San Pedro, has been declared by UNESCO as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Osuna impresses its visitors with its spectacular eye-catching mansions and houses, as well as the absorbing sight of craftsmen throwing pots and delighting our palate with delicious tapas and typical dishes. Furthermore, the town combines urban tradition with natural beauty spots where we can enjoy a bunch of activities.

History of Osuna

The known history of Osuna dates back to 3000 years ago, when it was inhabited by the Turdetans. Later the Romans around the year 43 B.C. re-founded the city at the hands of Marco Antonio. After the fall of Rome the Muslim empire took control until the 13th century, when it was conquered by the Christian armies, being a defensive location against the Kingdom of Granada.

Visiting Osuna

The extensive history of Osuna has contributed to an important cultural legacy that you can get to know if you decide to visit it. We are going to suggest you some of the places of touristic interest and things to do in this town of Seville.

We recommend a stroll through its streets where you will be immersed in the history of the town, its ancient architecture and its people. Enjoying the gastronomy while visiting monuments is an experience you will never forget.

La Colegiata

Founded in 1535 and built to replace the old castle church, which was destroyed in a fire. Nearby you can see another ancient building, the University of Osuna, which despite keeping its exterior intact, has modernised the interior space to adapt to modern times.

Inside the church there are important works of art from the period and a museum which can be accessed through a 16th century door.

Location: https://g.page/colegiata-de-osuna?share

Palace of the Marquis of La Gomera

The building dates from 1770 and corresponds to the period of economic growth in which there was an important construction boom. This Baroque palace is today a hotel very close to the museum of Osuna and the train station.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/9zR6kKpPTiY2ot6R8


This bullring is a historical monument built in 1902 on the remains of a Roman circus.If you have seen Game of Thrones you will no doubt be interested to know that a scene from the fifth season was filmed in this place. There is a photocall and a replica of one of the dragons.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/KX8KruqUSDf6jXb59


The Osuna Museum is housed in an 18th century building. Inside you will find period utensils, as well as temporary exhibitions and a room dedicated to Game of Thrones and its filming in Osuna.

  • Price is 3 euro per person.
  • Free on Wednesdays, for younger than 12 and residents.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/UrpdBcDG6hd8qRDs6

Fairs and activities


Easter Week is something special in Osuna. There are a multitude of brotherhoods that get ready for it throughout the year. It is a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest in Andalusia for its historical and artistic value.

May Fair

Some fairs in Andalusia mark historical events, while others, such as the Osuna fair, inaugurated in 1808, began as a cattle fair that over time became a festive event. It is one of the oldest fairs in Spain and has been declared of Tourist Interest.

Fairgrounds: https://goo.gl/maps/r5vh8azqNt4G4yHv6

Osuna Gastronomy

Osuna's monumental, whitewashed streets and its temperate climate are the ideal place for enjoying its traditional cuisine at tables set in the open air.

The town's rich and varied gastronomy's star dish is ardoria, a thick cold tomato and garlic soup typical to the area. We can also enjoy cocido ursaonésrepapillas de bacalao and guiso de tagarninas, all created using Osuna's own olive oil produced at mills such as the S.A.T. Santa Teresa company.

Deserts worthy of mention are gachas de San Arcadio, aldeanas and the sweetmeats lovingly made in Convento de la Encarnación.

Accommodation in Osuna

Osuna offers accommodation to suit all tastes and pockets: visitors can stay in one of the mansions in Osuna town centre and indulge in speculation on what the town might have been like in centuries past, or can find accommodation in the outskirts near its rich, beautiful nature spots with their numerous outdoor activities, just two of the many types of accommodation available.

Osuna Hotels

Hotel Palacio Marqués de la Gomera ****
Address: San Pedro, 20.
Phone: +34 954 812 223.

Hotel El Molino **
Address: Avda. Constitución, s/n.
Phone: +34 954 812 051

Hotel Rio Blanco **
Address: A-92, km 92.
Phone: +34 954 816 169.

Osuna Hostels

Hostal Caballo Blanco **
Address: Granada, 1.
Phone: +34 954 810 184.

Hostal Las Cinco Puertas
Address: Carrera, 79.
Phone: +34 954 811 243.

Residencia El Granadino
Address: Plaza Salitre, 1.
Phone: +34 954 810 000.


How to get

If you rent a car in Malaga with us you can drive yourself to Osuna and get there in less than 2 hours. There are three roads you can take for getting to Osuna, check the map below and plan your driving route to Osuna from Malaga:

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