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About Almuñecar

Embark on an unforgettable journey to the Costa Tropical in southern Spain’s Andalucia region. Make a pit stop at the charming town of Almuñecar, where you can explore its marina, old town, beaches, and vibrant nightlife. But that’s not all - this town is brimming with tourist attractions that will keep you captivated.

Just 80 kilometers away from Almuñecar lies the stunning city of Granada. Founded by Phoenicians and inhabited by Romans, this city boasts a rich cultural heritage shaped by its Arab inhabitants who lived there for nearly eight centuries. As you wander through Almuñecar’s streets, which follow a typical Arabic layout, you’ll uncover treasures from its Phoenician, Roman, Arab, and Christian past.

Almuñécar is a town rich in history and culture, with many landmarks and attractions to visit. Some of the most popular landmarks include the Castle of San Miguel, the Roman Aqueduct, the Peñón del Santo, and the monument to the Phoenicians. These landmarks offer a glimpse into the town’s past and its cultural heritage.

Castillo de San Miguel

Step back in time and explore the historic Castillo de San Miguel in Almuñecar. This impressive fortress was built by the Arabs on the remains of a Roman fort and later modified by Christians. In the nineteenth century, it even served as a cemetery.

Today, visitors can explore the castle and learn about its rich history. The Castle of San Miguel is open from 10 am to 12 pm and from 7 pm to 10 pm. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover one of Almuñecar’s most fascinating landmarks."

Peñon del Santo

Peñón del Santo is one of the most popular viewpoints in Almuñécar and belongs to the Natural Monument of the Peñones de San Cristóbal, which is composed of three rocks that emerge from the sea. Peñón del Santo, with its height of 30 meters, is the highest rocky outcrop of them all.

The Peñón del Santo naturally separates San Cristóbal beach from Caletillas and Puerta del Mar beaches. You can access the highest point of Peñón through ramps and gardens. There is a viewpoint where you can enjoy wonderful views, especially at sunset, of San Miguel Castle and the Almuñécar coast. On the viewpoint sits the Cruz del Santo on a rock. The first cross that crowned the viewpoint square was installed in 1900


The aqueduct of Almuñécar is one of the most complete in Andalusia and had a route of more than 7 kilometers, divided into 5 sections. It was built by the Romans to bring water from Jete to the Almuñécar coast.

he first section is the farthest from the coast and is where water is collected in the Las Angosturas area (Jete). This part of the aqueduct was discovered by chance at the end of the 19th century. It is an arched conduit, about 500 meters long, in the shape of a “T”, designed to collect water from adjacent ravines. In 1992 another section of the aqueduct was found upstream from Jete, this discovery made it possible to think that the beginning of water collection was located near Peñón Rodado

Monument to the Phoenicians

The monument to the Phoenicians is located along the upper level of the Paseo del Altillo in Almuñécar. It is a tribute to the Phoenician culture and its contribution to the history of Almuñécar. The monument was built after the Phoenician Necropolis was unearthed nearby and their ancient mysteries were discovered.

The statue is a modern monument constructed in bronze by contemporary artist Miguel Moreno Romera. It signifies the huge impact that the ancient Phoenician traders had on the history of Almuñécar

Almuñecar in Google Maps

When planning your visit to Almuñécar, it’s a good idea to use a map to help you navigate the town and locate its landmarks. You can find maps online or at the local tourist office. With a map in hand, you can plan your route and make sure you don’t miss any of the town’s must-see attractions.

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