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malaga street map

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Strolling around Malaga

Undoubtedly walking the city is the best way to know it, breathing the essence of its history and culture that have accumulated year after year since the Moorish presence, the Christian conquest and the Middle Ages.

Among the oldest and most important streets of Malaga we highlight the following ones you should visit:

Calle Marques de Larios

Popularly known as Calle Larios, is the most popular street of the city and was named so in honour of the Marquis de Larios, promoter of the city's industrial development during the nineteenth century.

Alameda principal

The main street of Malaga had other names in the past and emerged after withdrawing seawater in the eighteenth century. The houses on both sides belonged to wealthy merchants of the time that converted the Alameda into a privileged place and it was not until 1925 when it opened to traffic thus becoming a modern avenue.

Calle Compañia

Known in its founding by the Christian conquerors as street of the Guards, it was named Compania by the presence of a religious school called "Compania de Jesus" founded in 1572.

Calle Molina Lario

This street, which we will surely visit if we are going to visit the Cathedral of Malaga, is named after a bishop of Malaga of the late eighteenth century.

Plaza de la Constitucion

At the heart of the old town of Malaga is situated this square which was also site of the former city hall. Since the fifteenth century it was a political and public space, thereby continuing the importance it had during the Moorish period when it was a main plaza.

Plaza de la Merced

During Moorish times it was an esplanade that happened to house a market which received this name after the Christian conquest. In this square played Picasso when he was a boy since there are located his house and place of birth, current Picasso Foundation.

Paseo del Parque

Built in the early twentieth century this place of great beauty is known for its varied flora. A special place where to go for a walk in Malaga.

Calle Granada

Narrow winding street which inherits its winding style of Arab streets and a must for those who wanted to go to Granada, from which it takes its name.

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