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After visiting Spain for 12 years we have now found the perfect car hire company both for price and customer service
Everyone at Malagacar is very professional and works very hard
So yet again we are just about to book our next trip in October we would recommend you anyone well done Malagacar.
От: Gary
Отправлено: 15/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)
just returned after another trip to Malaga region using your services(albeit via aurigacrown)definitely one of the best at the airport and just booked again direct with you for our next trip thanks again for the good service
one bit of constructive criticism was on our departure we were waiting in the mini bus to transfer to the departures and a couple from Europe were getting very distressed with the female who was dealing with them and their problem was they wanted a signature for the return which we regulars all know the procedure however the female was very short with them and left them very agitated I tried to calm them by explaining the norm which worked a little but I can then see how you get criticism for a somewhat small incident which hurts your operation rather than helping it I appreciate the Spanish temperament being going now for many years but they obviously didn't so a little more patience in the explaining would help

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. You are right; we have to understand their situation. I have heard many times from the customers that they had been charged for non-existent charges by other car hire companies after the car was returned. All our customers know we don´t do. My colleague had to be more patient.
J. Alberto Anglada
От: Selwyn King
Отправлено: 15/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)
My wife and I are just back from a terrific one week trip to Frigiliana. This was my first trip to Spain and my first time to use malagacar.com, a company recommended to me by a colleague who has used malagacar.com on very many occasions.
From arriving at the airport on the 05/09/13 we were met by a friendly and professional rep; and then transported to the car rental office. The process was fast, efficient and entirely pain free.
My only gripe(s) with the car was that the windscreen washer bottle was empty, the inside of the windscreen was dirty and the car itself was underpowered (a subjective opinion). But for €76 plus half a tank of petrol I really have no complaints.
As for my subjective opinion, the car was a Opel Corsa 1.2 petrol. Whilst a nice little car and ideal for a short trip it was a struggle to keep up a decent speed on the motorway to Frigiliana and Granada. I would suggest that malagacar.com use the 1.3cdti diesel version rather than the seriously underpowered 1.2 petrol.
As for the washer bottle? well that was easy to find and fill, the inside of the windscreen was easy to clean...but I should not have had to do that.
We returned the car back to the office at 05:00hrs on Thursday morning 12/09/13 and were quickly transported to the airport.
Will we use malagacar.com again? Most certainly we will, but something with a bit more power.
I have no hessitation in recommending this company to anyone else be looking to rent a car in Malaga.

Response of Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. Your words are really welcome. Please accept our apologies. The cars must be checked every rental but I can see the car was returned by the previous customer just a few minutes before it was picked up by you.
The car is a 1.2 L but for customers who like bigger engines we offer the category C1 so this is a min 1.4 L.
Regards and I hope we can help you in future.
От: Ciaran O'kelly
Отправлено: 13/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Hello from Estonia, Malagacar
Thank you very much for the car rental service, everything was great.
The car was amazing, the service at the highest level.
Best regards,
От: Alice - Aliisija
Отправлено: 12/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Buenas tardes,

I would like to thank you for the great service of renting a car. We had to leave early in the morning, so I didn´t have time to ask for the collision which we had in Arcos. I hope everything is ok, because we would like to use your services next time also

Kind Regards
От: Blazena Benicka
Отправлено: 12/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)
This company was one of the best 4 years ago BUT unfortunately they became the worst ,
1- we had to wait for 38 minutes for bus to take us to the office
2-I had to pay 300€ as deposit ONLY by credit card ( I wanted to pay cash)
3- On Internet site it's NOT mention about deposit
4- after 20 minutes paper work I get my carbut without babysit again had to go back pay and get it
5- after returning the car I did NOT get back my deposit ,still after 10 day and 4-5 email NO money on my account
6- absolutely unpolite and rud people working there when returning the car
I use to like your company a lot and send you a lot of customers from Hungary ......but NOT anymore,you did not respect your 4 years customer like me ,everybody has respect at his or her homeland.

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear Customer,

I appreciate your time and comment and try to respond point by point as most important to us is the customer, in this case you.

1. I can see that the plane landed at 7:34 pm and you made the payment with your credit card at 8:42 pm. In principle, it is a time not out of normal and even less considering that you arrived on a Saturday afternoon rush hour.

2. You didn´t leave a deposit of 300 € although it was one of € 243.52, which you can either way pay by card or cash. It seems there occurred an error so please accept our apologies.

3. On our website we do mention the deposit. Not only we mention it but we also differ from other car rental companies because we don´t ask for minimum amounts of 400 € or 600 €. Just when submitting the quote you have a link "+ info" (highlighted in red) where you can see what is included and what is not included. You can also see the terms and conditions by clicking on "read full Terms". It is also explained in the booking confirmation which I enclosed in a private email to you.

4. The cars are always delivered without child seats and it is the client who must request them; although you are right that you booked it, thus the staff should have asked at least what type of chair you requested. Please accept our apologies on this point.

5. Generally, the deposit will be returned within 24 hours. Your deposit was returned on the 10th of September (7 days after returning your vehicle). Although this doesn?t happen frequently, I´ll talk to the administration department so that it doesn´t again.

6. Please tell me what happened when you returned your vehicle as you said the staff was poorly educated and I want to know exactly what happened.

J. Alberto Anglada
От: Dr H. Jahromi M. Ali
Отправлено: 12/09/2013
Оценка: (1 из 5)
Great service, we've used you twice and will use you again next year, friendly staff and very easy rental service.
От: Matthew Ashton
Отправлено: 11/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I have been a happy customer of Malagacar for many years and use your services 4-5 times a year. Recently, we had a problem with our car. The engine did not start while we were on an excursion in Ronda. We informed Malagacar and the local car service arrived in few minutes. However, the car could not be repaired and needed replacement. The car was put on a truck and my wife and me accompanied the truck driver. First, we halted to repair another car, then we were driven to the local depot, the car was loaded on another truck, all of us drove to Malaga where the car was delivered to a garage and we had to wait for somebody of malagacar to collect us and to go to pick up a replacement car.
It would be much more client friendly if Malagacar organised a truck with the replacement car and brought this to Ronda where they could pick up the old car and return to Malaga. We could have continued our visit to Ronda in that period.

See you again in november.

Response from Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
Thanks for your email. We are sorry the car broke down. When is possible, we change the cars where was broken down but that day you were offered come back to our office because the staff was really busy and you were going to be waiting for a few hours for a new car.
J. Alberto Anglada
От: Edgard Backx
Отправлено: 10/09/2013
Оценка: (4 из 5)
Here are 3 reasons why you should not choose malagacar.com:

1)Be ready that after booking a car and paying for it you can be provided with another car with no reason given and at this point you won't be able to change anything,

2)Be ready that the information provided on web-site is not the real one. If you have a flight at night you will be able to give the car back only either before 11 pm or after 5 am.. although they work 24 hours following their web-site. Okey.. you can do it from 11 pm till 12 am.. but you' ll have to pay 25 euro!!!

3)Be ready that they won't respond to all the questions you ask online.

Malaga is a wonderful city!!!! Make the right choice whether you want to save money or want to make your holiday to be spoiled.

Response from Malagacar.com

Thanks for your answer.
Regarding point 1) You booked a group D2 and that is what you received. This is a medium size car with a diesel engine and you received a diesel medium size car, a Toyota Auris diesel. If you read at http://www.malagacar.com/uk/car-hire/22/Opel-Astra-5-doors-DIESEL-GUARANTEED.html you will see you got what you choose.
Regarding point 2) This is not real. I think there was a misunderstanding as you can leave the car at any time. Many customers leave the cars at night time. You are charged 25 euros just when the car is collected after 11 pm. We collected when you had to leave the car 7 cars before 5 am
Regarding point 3) I am doing it. I can see the message you left through our website 2 days ago and our conversation.

J. Alberto Anglada
От: Helen
Отправлено: 09/09/2013
Оценка: (1 из 5)
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am always satisfied with your service,


B. Vorndran-Friesian
От: Brunhilde Vorndran-friese
Отправлено: 08/09/2013
Оценка: (5 из 5)

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