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So far this year I have used Malagacar.com on five occasions and I have two more bookings. I have always found the staff to be polite, friendly and professional and the cars have always been of a good standard. There is no hard sell of insurance and the service is quick and efficient. An excellent experience compared to other car hire companies that I have used! Thank you Malagacar.com & Hasta Pronto!!
От: Michael Dunn
Отправлено: 05/08/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Easy to book a car. Nice staff and we got our car whitout any problems. They did not try to sell us other insurences - thank you. We returned the car also to a very nice man whitout further questions. Then they drove us to the airport.
От: Ingrid Boysen Underbjerg
Отправлено: 04/08/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Hello. What is the deposit when renting a car? Nowhere on the site can I find?

Reply by Malagacar
Hello, you find our T&C here at this link:

Regarding the deposit, its depends on the chosen car group:

Vehicles that are in groups A, B, C have an all risk insurance with 1000 € excess. The additional insurance to cover the above mentioned damages and the excess is 15 € per day with a minimum of 35 € and a maximum of 210 € per 28 day rental period. For rentals of 29 days or more, the price is 7.50 €/day.

Vehicles that are in groups AA, CA, CE, D, DA, EA, EC, EE, L, LC, LD, LF, LG, LH, LI, PA, PB, PC, PE, PF, PG, PH, PL, PQ, SA, SB, SE, SF, XA, XB, XC, XD have an all risk insurance with 1200 € excess. The additional insurance to cover the above mentioned damages and the excess is 21 € per day with a minimum of 63 € and a maximum of 273 € per 28 day rental period. For rentals of 29 days or more, the price is 10 €/day.

Vehicles that are in groups LJ, LK, LL, LM, LN, LO, LP, LQ, LS, LX, PU, PV, PZ, SM, SO, XG, XH, XJ, XM, XN, XQ, XU have an all risk insurance with 3000 € excess. The additional insurance to cover the above mentioned damages and the excess is 25 € per day with a minimum of 75 € and a maximum of 390 € per 28 day rental period. For rentals of 29 days or more, the price is 14 €/day.

Kind regards,
От: Wojciech Wyrebek
Отправлено: 02/08/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Excellent customer service!
От: Branka Milosavljevic
Отправлено: 01/08/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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Just had another brilliant experience with malagacar.car was there waiting for us a nice new Kia ceed. The staff were very friendly and polite as always. I ended up jet washing the car before dropping it back off as I felt guilty about all the dust on it lol. Always a pleasure and look forward to using the company again
От: Mr Richard Mcintosh
Отправлено: 29/07/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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For a family holiday 3 of our party booked with Malaga cars and they had no problems whatsoever and loved the experience. I, however, went with another company and had over an hours wait for the car and then was scammed into paying for so-called keyhole damage when I returned the car despite the fact that the car had been in a locked compound all week! I will forever go with Malaga cars in the future!
От: Richard Lee
Отправлено: 24/07/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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This year we rented a car from your company for the sixth time. We are fully satisfied with the service and attitude of the employees of Malaga Car. Especially I would like to thank personally the manager Mr. Fran Fernandez, who is always exclusively professional, polite and helpful. Hope to cooperate with him and your company in future. Thank you very much. With kind regards, Roman Amelin, Moscow, Russia
От: Roman Amelin
Отправлено: 24/07/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
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This is the 10th year we have rented from this company. Service is always speedy and professional. This year we had a puncture in the hills in Frigiliana and a truck was with us within an hour and my husband taken back to airport by taxi to collect a replacement vehicle. Would definitely recommend.
От: Elspeth Gage
Отправлено: 22/07/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
We would like to share our experience on service level. Saturday we handed in our car and returned home. On Saturday evening we called Malaga Car to report that we probably forgot a set of keys in the car. The car was already rented again. Malagacar told us that they didn't find any keys at the cleaning. We asked if they could please check with the current user. They left a message with this person (but no news as of today Thursday.) We don't know for how long the car is rented. On Wednesday Malagacar proposed to come by to check "a box with keys". Very good suggestion, but quite late and...we are not in Spain anymore so impossible to stop by. So we send a picture of the keys asking them to check the box for us. These telephone and email exchanges started Saturday and are still going on and we are already Thursday. Today I was told "you can not call me all the time Madam I need time to check this". I asked again if it could be done today.....I hope we will have news because it is getting quite desperate. This is not really client service, It should not take 6 days to find out, by different means, if they have the keys or not . Good advise : check your car thoroughly yourself before handing it in. Because the service seems to stop after that.

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
I am malagacar.com general manager and after read your review I am studying your case. After read the emails conversation I can confirm malagacar.com staff version. Once the car has been returned and cleaned again for next customer, if the staff has found any belonging, this is taken to the customer service department to get in touch with the customer so the set of keys were not found. We have sent an email to the current car rental customer but We had not news.
We cannot look for a set of keys if we don’t have a photo so this is why my colleague Amina told you to come and check the lost belongings box. You sent a set of keys photo yesterday evening but your email was not read yet. Anyway I have look for them and I can confirm the keys were not found. May be they were not forgotten I the car which you admit when you say “you probably forgot”.
Our ultimate purpose is to help the client, and that is what we have done at all times. For this reason I do not think that the customer service received is not good.
From this moment we cannot do anything else.
J. Alberto Anglada
От: Thierry Paquit
Отправлено: 18/07/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I was using for many years one of the most reputed car hire companies in the world, but based on a friend recommendation this is my first experience with Malaga Car. I can clearly say that it was much beyond my expectation: Staff very polite & helpful, Car condition was excellent, pick up from airport was easy and quick, receiving and delivering the car took around 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Just be aware that you have to book in advance the transport from their office to Malaga train station when returning your car. I hope Malaga Car will maintain the same level of service and I wish them all the best. They are highly recommended
От: Antoine Abi Karam
Отправлено: 15/07/2019
Web: MalagaCar.com
Оценка: (5 из 5)

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