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I rented a car from Malagacar.com from 30 October through 6 November. DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! Here are the problems I had/am still having with them: 1) When we picked up the car, my card was declined even though I told my card company I was traveling in Spain (more on this later). No problem, I paid with another card. I called my card company half an hour later to see why it was declined, and they said Malagacar.com was flagged as fraud because they charged me twice within the same MINUTE - once as an online transaction for ~$180 USD (this is correct, this is for the contracted cost of the rental car); and then a second, manually keyed transaction for OVER $1300 USD! Turns out the company places a hold/pending charge of 1300 Euro on your credit card for the time you have your vehicle, in case of damages - so the $1300 USD charge was for the 1300 Euro minus the ~$180 cost of the actual rental. This policy was not mentioned ANYWHERE on their website or ANYWHERE on the booking confirmation email (trust me I have double- and triple-checked both since I've been home); nor was it explained to me in person when I picked up the car. It is vaguely mentioned in the fine print on the paperwork, which is how I went back after the fact and figured out what it was, but it's not very clear at all - i.e. it's not explained that the pending charge on your card will be the difference between 1300 Euro and your contracted rental price. Malagacar.com: YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN THIS TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. This is TERRIBLE customer service. I understand this is not fraud, because it is in the paperwork and I did sign it, but you need to verbally discuss this with your customers so when they get a call from their credit card company, they don't think their card information has been stolen/skimmed. 2) I returned the car, with no damages or issues and was cleared by the company employee, over a week ago and this charge is still showing up as pending on my credit card!! Over $1300 USD is not available to me because this company won't remove it after more than a WEEK! I have emailed them 3 times trying to get this fixed: the first time they told me they "don't have access to the money anymore so contact your bank". So I did, the card company told me the vendor aka Malagacar.com has to remove it on their end. I emailed them back, they said "well sometimes it takes 7-10 days for the charge to be removed, if it doesn't come off tomorrow contact us". That was last Thursday, it's now Monday and the charge is still pending, I emailed them again this morning to that effect and they have not responded. Very disappointed and very frustrated with the level of service I received from this company, and I'm still working on getting the pending charge cancelled from my card over a week later. Will not recommend.

Reply by Malagacar.com:
Dear customer,
We are sorry you were unhappy but you or your bank is not right. We charged you just once at 21:53 for an amount of 156,26 € and at 21:55 We tried to block a deposit (Not charge) so if the car was declined this had to be because there was a limit under that amount. You say this is not mentioned but I like to think you didn’t read the term and conditions or maybe you forgot this step because the car was booked a month prior your arrival:
When you looked the site and prices, you could read the conditions:

2.       After you choose the car and before you accept to make the booking, you could read again the term and conditions and this is next to the “Book car” bottom.:

3.       And when you received the booking voucher, you could read again

With these points, we consider this condition is explained and I am sure my colleague explained at the desk as well.
The amount blocked  is not in our account so this is blocked for a maximum of 9 days only.
J. Alberto Anglada

От: Brenna Brooks
Отправлено: 14/11/2016
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I have hired cars from malaga cars for many years .i previously used many other hire companys at malaga. Airport. No other company is as good as malaga cars for efficiency and treatment of customers .i advise customers to use the full package as you will have no problems also in my expierience the price you pay even with package is still much cheaper than same cover with any other company.also you get a good vehicle.10 out of 10 regards david
От: David Arthur Blakeway
Отправлено: 10/11/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Used them twice this year (July/November). Absolutely no issues with them at all but, believe me, deciding which company to use based on all the online reviews is a nightmare. Opted for Malagacars and have no regrets whatsoever. Excellent service, great prices and good vehicles. Highly recommended
От: Richard Dixon
Отправлено: 09/11/2016
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We have used Malagacar at least twice a year for the last four years and been satisfied with the service. We have noticed a steep decline in the level of service this year. Since the introduction of the FullPack, the collection from airport is chaotic, in fact we now find it quicker to walk and forget the bus... Once at the office, the queue is out of the office door, and for customers like us, who took the webrate (middle price option) you can get to next in queue only for the minibus to return with the latest pickup and find yourself behind several customers. It now seems that you need to almost double your charge to be attended to in reasonable time. There were 4 desks dedicated to FullPack, and the one for all others was unmanned. As regular customers we take advantage of the return customer client login for slightly reduced rates. However, the car we receive this time was very poor standard. Underpowered and covered in scratches and dents.. It was an old model. It is such shame that you have chosen to change your pricing strategy and the way you organise airport collection and booking desks. Rather than improve, it feels from the last 2 visits that the service has deteriorated. I hope you can review the situation as if the only way to get adequate service is to pay the fullpack rate, then you are no longer as competitive, even with client discount. Kind regards

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear Mrs. Bolton,
Thanks for your email.
I am sorry you are not happy with the service but the full pack advantage is applied once the customer arrives at the office although we have a system based by order of arrival so nobody can take the minibus without it. With this system jumping queues is avoided. I can see you didn’t meet my colleague at the airport so you didn’t have this number.
We offer Priority attention service for customers who take Full pack so Web pack doesn’t include this service. Web pack includes half-half policy and a free additional driver. Anyway your flight landed at 10:44 (in rush time with other 29 families) so we think you could leave the terminal about 11.10 – 11.15 (I cannot check it because didn’t meet my colleague at the airport) and at 11:46 the contract was signed by you so you were served about 11:35. We don’t think this is a long waiting time.
The car rented was an Opel Corsa with 2 years old and only 40.000 kms. In order to take more powerful cars you must choose group C1 or higher.

We always promise best value and this is what we offer. Maybe you can find cheaper options but you must be careful with hidden extras like fuel policy and exorbitant fuel prices, really high deposit…

J. Alberto Anglada

От: Mrs Bolton
Отправлено: 08/11/2016
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I have used malagacar for many years often two to three month period.excellent company I will always recommend them
От: Bill Campbell
Отправлено: 05/11/2016
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My experience with Malagacar.com has gone a long way towards restoring my confidence in car hire. Experience elsewhere has caused me to favour bus/train/taxi options but I would have no hesitation using this service next time I visit Malaga. Thank you. One suggestion is that you leave in the car basic information on local driving regulations e.g. the main speed limits. It took me quite a while searching the Internet to find all the essentials.
От: Alan Sharpe
Отправлено: 04/11/2016
Оценка: (5 из 5)
excellent service the cars in good condition, quick delivery time.
От: Pozzuoli Vincenzo
Отправлено: 04/11/2016
Оценка: (4 из 5)
Je loue depuis " ans t je recommencerai en 2017... Toujours très satisfait du service de malaga car : des voitures en bon état (scenic) et un accueil rapide et sympathique. Seule reamarque : il a été difficile d'obtenir une réponse à des mails envoyés depuis la France suite à un bris de pare brise par un caillou. Mais enfin M. ANGLADA a fini par répondre pour que je puisse obtenir le remboursement par la carte Visa...N'empèche donc pas mon bon avis sur cette entreprise qui loue à des tarifs raisonnables de bons véhicules...Ils restent dignes de confiance.
От: Le Dilasser Christian
Отправлено: 03/11/2016
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My family and I arrived late evening on 22nd October. As instructed we looked for someone holding a Malagacar.com sign in the arrivals hall. There was no one. However we eventually spotted a lady wearing a jacket which said Malagacar.com on. Behind her, propped up on a column with other car hire signs was her sign. We approached her, got a ticket and vague directions and set off to find the minibus. When we eventually found the right place it proved to be a complete scrum. The minibuses pulled in wherever they could and those people who were lucky enough to be standing in the right place got on - no driver looked at tickets or asked what our number was. Half our party got on a bus - 3 of us were left trying to get on another for 20-30 minutes whilst being elbowed out of the way by other overzealous customers. Once at the office service was prompt - I tried to tell your representative what was happening at the terminal but to say he was disinterested is an understatement. I was met with a complete blank stare and 'one driver or two?'. The car was OK. On return the mileage and fuel were checked and we were told where to park. Then we literally had to interrupt the chatting members of staff to hand back the keys, They would not have noticed if I'd taken them home! In summary the cars are fine - customer service was abysmal.

Reply by Malagacar.com
Dear customer,
Thanks for your words which are really welcome. The customer service is really important for us so I will check who were working on October 22nd evening and October 29th you came at 13:41 and you were served in less than 10 seconds by the staff (I have just checked CCTV). You were said to park the car inside and leave the car with the keys so I don’t think this is an abysmal customer service.
J. Alberto Anglada
От: Gillian Starke
Отправлено: 30/10/2016
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My son hired a car from this company and the plan was for us to return it after our stay (32 days). My son was unaware that we had had a previous problem with malagacar so we left the booking alone so he was not anxious as he had not hired from them before. What an error! He sent me a photo of the vehicle which had not been correctly fuelled but even worse, the front wing of the car was smashed up. They told him it was ok and sent him on his way. He had a week of worrying about the car and was delighted when we arrived and he handed the vehicle to us. We are now left in a situation where we are going to hand the car back in the next few days and are fearful of what this dreadful company will do. In fairness nothing has happened yet and I will post again in order to ensure this review is correct in the future. If malagacar have posted here my previous review where I stated they helped themselves to over €500 from my bank account for a broken windscreen you will appreciate my concern. We have photos and documentary proof of our dealings with this company but it seems we are powerless. I will report back when further information is known.

Reply by Malagacar.com

Dear customer,
 You knew that you had to pay for the windscreen and this is what you did. The windscreen price is 474 euros and this is what you paid and this was said to you by my colleague May. When you booked the car you chose the basic option so you knew you were responsible in case of damage up to the excess amount. If a third party admits the responsibility you have to contact with him/her and if the damage is paid by us we will be pleased to refund you the money.
Please send me the photos and I will help you then.
J. Alberto Anglada

От: Julie Potter
Отправлено: 30/10/2016
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