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Great service and exactly as described on the website. There aren't any hidden charges (as other have claimed), you simply need to check the full details of what insurance etc. you require to get to the exact price. The headline price does not cover those extras (if you want them). I would recommend the "return" empty option for fuel. I didn't take it (even though they guys on reception recommended it), but it would have definitely worked out cheaper in the end - assuming you have completed some miles and would otherwise need to top the tank back up to half full. Pick up was easy, but you will have to look for the rep in the blue corporatewear, as the logo is not that big. They are located immediately on your left after the automatic glass doors past customs. Returning the car was also easy, although as we arrived in the dark it was hard to find our way back to the depot. Easiest way is to go to the airport drop off, but don't stop. There is an exit down a slop on the right, past the drop off point, and that leads almost directly to the depot. Would definitely use Malagacar.com again. PS. With the changes to the UK driving license system (dispensing with the paper counter-part copy), I'm not sure if the company will need you to supply the new "access code" to view penalty points etc., which can be generated within 72 days of you needing to hire a car. You can find out how to do this at https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. I cannot remember showing my paper counter-part, so it would be useful if Malagacar.com could make a comment.
От: Andrew Denning
Отправлено: 09/06/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)
This is the second year we have used Malagacar.com and it was just as good as last time.

No delay in getting the shuttle bus from the airport to the depot and there we were dealt with straight away - all done and driving away in 10 minutes.

No problems with the car and when we returned 3 weeks later it was just as efficient - paperwork was sorted and we were taken to the airport straight away. Credit card deposit was returned within a few days as promised.

Will be using Malagacar.com again when we return in October - highly recommended.
От: Alan Townsend
Отправлено: 05/06/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Excellent service - met the rep at Airport arrivals and was directed to the shuttle bus, no scrum or anything to get onboard.

Was taken directly to the office where after a short time queuing and completing the paperwork with a friendly lady we were given the keys to a very nice little Corsa - perfect for what we needed.

Returning the car was equally as easy and trouble free.

Very impressed and we'll definitely be returning if we're in Malaga again.
От: Mark Kennedy
Отправлено: 04/06/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)
Have been using Malaga Car for years and have always recommended them to friends as the best hire car service in Malaga. However, on a recent trip I was unaware that arrivals after 11pm (I arrived at 23:06!) would have to pay an extra 35 euros charge as it was not clear at the time of booking. The only reason I was also late was due to having to wait over an hour at passport control. It has also been nearly a week and I still have not had by 800 euro deposit returned (that I had to pay as I wasn't taking out the extra insurance)!! I have emailed about it and still have not had a reply!

Response by Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Kulin,

Thanks for contacting us. You flight landed at 23.06 and you were met my our staff at 23:37. The car was picked up at 23:58. Anyway when you made the booking you accepted the term and conditions and when you received the booking confirmation (Booking voucher) you had to read it again. This point is clear and if you have rented before from us you will see this point is always clear in all the booking confirmations. We cannot be responsible if you were late due to having to wait over an hour at passport control although I must tell you this is not right. Just 31 minutes since landed time and meeting time with our staff.
The deposit was refunded this morning.

J. Alberto Anglada
От: Christopher Kulin
Отправлено: 04/06/2015
Оценка: (1 из 5)
We use Malagacar.com at least 3/4 times a year now and have always found them to be friendly, efficient, and received excellent service. No costs are hidden, everything is explained clearly in very good English. Thank you for making our journey easy and speedy, in May 2015 we landed at 20.15pm and was in the car on our way at 20.45pm.
Pauline & Geoff
От: Geoff & Pauline Wiggins
Отправлено: 03/06/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I can't rate you until I am refunded my 1,000.00 euro credit card deposit, I have emailed and had no response, this is a large amount and should not be taken only held until the car is returned,

Response by Malagacar.com

Dear Mr. Smith,

The money was refunded yesterday. The car was returned by you on Friday at 17:52 and our administration and accounting department closes at 17.00. This is why the money was refunded yesterday.
J. Alberto Anglada
От: Mr Peter Smith
Отправлено: 02/06/2015
Оценка: (2 из 5)
Pick up at airport was fine, the car was dirty but they cleaned it while we waited. everything went ok until we returned the car, a man checked the fuel gauge and confirmed that it was 6/8 full but after we arrived home we had an e-mail saying that they were deducting 39euros from our deposit because they said that the tank was only 2/8 full, it is a good job that I took a photo of the fuel gauge just before we returned the car. I hope that this issue will be resolved soon, "watch this space" Ref No 151007198

Response by Malagacar.com
Dear Mr. Thomas,

Thanks for your words. Please send me the picture in order to check with the employee who checked the car.


J. Alberto Anglada
От: Huw Thomas
Отправлено: 31/05/2015
Оценка: (4 из 5)
Pas de surprise, loueur très sérieux et vous réserve bien le véhicule choisi, propre, peu de kms. Votre facture est identique au montant transmis à l'avance. Après bien des recherches sur différents sites et des discussions sur des forums cela m'a conforté dans ma réservation. Je recommande Malagacar.

No surprise, very serious renter, received selected vehicle, clean, few kms. The bill is identical to the amount transmitted in advance. After much research on various sites and discussions on forums that confirmed my reservation. I recommend Malagacar.
От: Godfroy Thierry
Отправлено: 30/05/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)
I rented a Corsa for six days in March this year. Everything was as described and the service was efficient. It is such a relief to find a company that you can rely on not to rip you off.
I'll be renting from Malagacar.com again in October.
От: Peter Anderson
Отправлено: 29/05/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)
First time to Malaga, car hire looked like a nightmare, chose Malagacar.com, great decision. Courtesy bus fine, queue at reception but with so many staff on we were in the car in 20 minutes. Charged 20 euros for half a tank of fuel, returned half full which was easy, no extra charges, refunded money fine, great deal, great service from happy and efficient staff. Like to give credit when it's due.
От: Jon Shipp
Отправлено: 28/05/2015
Оценка: (5 из 5)

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