Sierra Cabrera Almeria

The coast of Almería, between Mojácar and Carboneras, lies under Sierra Cabrera mountains, whose peaks rise to nearly one thousand metres above sea level and overlook the towns of Carboneras, Los Gallardos, Mojácar, Turre and Sorbas. The area is rich in natural resources, from minerals to plants and wildlife, and is regarded as an area if natura beauty. Its reatively recent geological formation has left a breathtaking combination of steep peaks, deep gorges and dry river beds, much of it bleak and inaccessible.

The high winds that sweep across the arid plains of Tabernas and Sorbas have a drying effect on the plant life, leaving only a few species that can thrive - including esparto, wild thyme and lavender. At the same time, the deep ramblas (dry river beds) retain moisture, creating small oases of green vegetation, where it's possible to find olives, almonds, carobs and figs flourishing next to the desert plants like palms, agaves and prickly pears.

Here too, is one of the only places in the world where one can find the Limonium estevei, also known as Siempreviva Mojaquera, a recently-discovered type of orchid that is only seen in the Sierra Cabrera area, and classified as an endangered species. This plant, while easily transplanted, is one of the few species capable of surviving in the brackish waters found near to the coast, and is now protected in many parts of the coast, for example on the beaches close to the Castillo de Macenas, below the village of Mojácar.

How to get to Sierra Cabrera

To get to Sierra Cabrera we must head towards Almeria until we get to Nijar, from there towards Carboneras and follow the indications until we reach Sierra Cabrera.

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