West coast in Almeria

The western region in Almeria, commonly known as sea of plastics for being almost completely covered by greenhouses (that can actually be seen from space), is situated in the southwest of the province, with the Sierra of Gador to the north.

One can distinguish the western in Almeria from the eastern due to the great amount of places where we can head to for hiking and discovering natural areas:

- Sierra de Gador, where the villages of Berja, Dalias, Enix, Felix and part of the municipality of Vicar are situated.

- Sierra de Adra, situated to the northwest of Adra.

- Campo de Dalias is a flatland that extends around great part of the region where the municipalities of El Ejido, La Mojonera, Roquetas de Mar and part of Vicar are situated.

- Hoya de Adra, where the municipality of Adra is situated.

The western area of Almeria is characterised for being the most touristic in Almeria, from where Boabdil, the last king of al-Andalus, departed towards Africa. This region, as well as its touristic character, has a natural environment with several unspoilt beaches and natural parks.

If you like water sports or golf , the western region of Almeria is a great place to spend your holidays.

Western routes

This region is where the Sierra of La Alpujarra ends up opening to the Mediterranean sea and where we’ll find different trekking routes that we’ll be able to enjoy:

Route from Aguadulce to Punta Entinas

This itinerary covers Aguadulce, Serena beach and Roquetas de Mar till reaching the Entinas-Sabinar Natural Reserve.

Route around the oriental part of Sierra de Gádor

A beautiful route that reaches rustic villages of Almeria’s Poniente.

Route from El Ejido to Balanegra

With a long history, El Hejido is where there is a concentration of an intensive agriculture and with a tourism focused mainly on the beach.

Route around Adra

This route has a great scenic richness. We’ll discover the remains of Abdera, an ancient 3000 year-old Phoenician village and the port of Adra, from where Boabdil departed towards Africa after having abandoned his lands.

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