Things to do in Almeria

If you are planning to visit Almeria, in this guide we are going to show you the best places to visit so that when you’re planning your visit by car from Malaga, you have all the places you wish to visit in mind.

Almeria can be visited in one day if you have a car, you can leave Malaga in the morning and get back by night to rest, having seen some of its most important tourist attractions, and of course...having enjoyed one of its fantastic unspoilt beaches in Cabo de Gata-Nijar or a beautiful trekking route through the Tabernas desert, where many western movies have been filmed.

About Almeria attractions

The province of Almeria has a history that dates back to the prehistoric period, it’s a place that offers us a profound culture with an interesting patrimony and museums to visit. From the Roman civilization till the Arab and the Christian, all of them have left their trace over the centuries.

When we visit Almeria, we may not be able to see everything we wish, but we can choose one of its main tourist routes and little by little discover this fantastic place that has so much to offer.

Sports and activities

If you enjoy practising sport activities during your vacations in Almeria you’ll be able to enjoy many possibilities, amongst which we highlight the nautical sports such as windsurfing or scuba diving.

Another couple of very popular activities amongst Almeria’s visitors are the trekking routes and the rock-climbing, where we’ll be able to come across incredible sceneries well-worth photographing.

Discover its culture

In Almeria we can find numerous cultural events like flamenco dance shows, concerts, exhibitions or theatrical plays.

Shopping in Almeria

Almeria has shopping centres for those who wish to go shopping or open air establishments for those who visit the city’s old quarter.

Beaches in Almeria

One of the main tourist attractions that boasts of major popularity are its beaches, that extend till Cabo de Gata with unspoilt beaches with great cliffs and separated from the modern life where one can even practice nudism.

Almeria beaches

Some of the beaches in Almeria have a history, like the ‘Playa del Muerto’ (The Beach of the Corpse), where in the olden days the cadavers of the sunken ships would reach this shore with the current.

Visit to Nijar and Cabo de Gata

In Almeria you can find the Cabo de Gata-Nijar with its coastal area of crystal-clear waters and cliffs. It cannot be accessed by car as the roads are restricted which is why we’ll have to walk a little. We’ll enjoy dunes, visits to small fishing hamlets and a great ecological richness all along the Mediterranean, being the ideal place for those excursionists lovers of nature and birds.

If we pay a visit to the city of Nijar we cannot leave without seeing or purchasing some of its handicrafts.

Archaeology in Adra

If we reach the municipality of Adra situated in the area known as “El Poniente”, we’ll discover a few archaeological spots that date back to the 8th century, that in spite of its importance it doesn’t have a massive tourism, which is why we’ll be able to visit it with great tranquillity.


A very beautiful place, defended in the past by Arabs, that now boasts a great natural beauty, and where one can practice a few mountain sports like trekking, horse-riding, mountain biking, etc..

Tabernas Desert

Almeria far west

Arid landscapes where in the past they filmed a great amount of western movies and that is part of the Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

Other places of interest

Other places like the well-known cave houses, houses carved in the rock in which people still live.

The rich gastronomy in Almeria based on fish and seafood, mainly red prawns, calamari, red mullets and with a great influence from the Arab cuisine.

The fantastic subtropical Mediterranean climate, being the Andalusian region with the most number of sunny days a year.

Almeria horse activities

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