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This small village has managed to survive over the passage of time, with a Muslim origin as one can see in the style and layout of its streets, the beauty of a village that dominates the country houses and small farms that surround it is worth seeing. In Bedar we can still see the typical Moorish terraces and the old irrigation system.

History of Bedar

After the conquest of Bedar by the Christian troops, the city continued to grow for about 200 years, even building mines to extract Iron. They built a whole industry around the mining sector, including the railway track used to transport the minerals to the port of Garrucha, unfortunately after the first world war and the entrance of Europe’s depression, this industry stopped almost completely until its production completely ended in 1970, becoming another archaeological remain of Bedar’s past.

Things to do in Bedar

bedar white housesThe village is one of the places that offers the visitor the best panoramic views of the Almeria coast and the mountain ranges nearby from the viewpoint of the San Gregorio Square. A stroll around Bedar is a journey to an al-Andalus past that not even the religious Christians could erase after the conquest. We cannot leave without having strolled around the centre of the city visiting each one of its monuments.

In the olden days, the economic engine was the mining, although currently Bedar’s economy is mainly based on the agriculture and tourism, thanks to historic, landscape and environmental value of the municipality, a jewel for those who enjoy those villages situated in the middle of nature and without the disturbing noises of the big cities. We must also add that Bedar has numerous trekking routes that will offer us beautiful views of the surroundings if we decide to get out there.

Gastronomy in Bedar

Bedar overviewIf we are planning to spend the day in Bedar, it’s worth knowing its culinary offer, and this way know what we should order:

  • 'Ajo Colorao' (Red Garlic)
    Cod mixed with crushed potatoes, with garlics, cumin, salt, olive oil and peppers.

  • ‘Tarbinas’
    Fried bread with meat fat, garlic and chorizo (Spanish red spicy sausage).

  • ‘Migas de Matanza’ (Crumbs of Slaughter)
    An energetic dish which was eaten in the olden days by the workers on the fields..

  • Wheat with Fennels
    This dish is served very hot and is made with products from the region.

  • Pepper Broth
    Made with fish, garlics, peppers, cayenne and tomatoes.

  • ‘Gurullos’ with partridges and snails

  • Garlic with almonds

  • ‘Maimones’

How to get to Bedar

Once we get to Almeria we must take the E-15 turnoff to Murcia. You can see how to get to Almeria from Malaga on the linked page.

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