Cuevas de Almanzora

almanzora castleSituated to the northeast of the Almeria province, this municipality has a stable climate all year round with precipitations from about October till April. The Almanzora Caves is a place with history and with a good gastronomic offer that you can visit from Malaga by car.

History of Almanzora

Over the passage of time all the great civilizations that have settled in the Mediterranean have passed through this municipality. From Greeks and Phoenicians, passing through Carthaginians, Iberians, Romans, to Goths and Arabs who later on conquered the al-Andalus territory for 800 years and then lost it to the Christians.

It was in the year 1488 when the Christian troops conquered the village and the fortress of ‘Cuevas’, where the moors converted to Christians formed 80% of the population, until the pressure put on by the church and the consideration of the converted Arabs as second-class citizens ended up creating a revolt that extended throughout all the conquered lands, ending in a subsequent expulsion of all the moors in 1750.

The Almanzora Caves continued growing until the war caused in 1930 a massive emigration, although as from the late 20th century it began to recover basing its economy mainly in the agriculture and tourism. Over the centuries it became a municipality with a great history, landscape and culture that is worth visiting if we decide to go on holiday to the south of Spain.

Things to do

almanzora,almeria villagesAmongst the things that we can do is a visit to its museums:

- Contemporary art museum
- The Goya gallery with a permanent exhibition of Goya’s engravings
- The Cave-Museum represents the way of life during the 20th century with all the utensils that were used in the beginning of the century
- The Sotomayor Museum
- The Archaeological Museum interprets the prehistoric past of 'Cuevas'

You can also visit the the 'Marquis of the Velez' castle, a symbol of the municipality, built with a gothic style in the 16th century and very well preserved.

There are also ruins of mines, which was once the largest mines of silver in all of Europe during the 19th century, where we can still find a steam engine which was used to extract minerals. The village of El Arteal has its origins in the workers of the old mine.

As well as all the above mentioned, we must also recommend to visit other places of interest:

- The reservoir of the Almanzora Caves
- The Calguerin Caves, where we’ll find over 260 caves excavated in the rock that were used as homes during the middle ages, although some of them are still used today.

How to get to Almanzora

The location of this municipality is very near the Motorway of the Mediterranean (A-7) and the toll road (AP-7), although if you are looking to enjoy the drive and the scenery you can also get there using the road that borders the coast with beautiful views of cliffs.

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