Gastronomy in the province of Almeria

Almeria’s gastronomy is influenced by the cuisine from Murcia as well as by the rich variety of the Alpujarras in Granada, in which its dishes offer abundant fish as it’s a coastal city and with a special flavour in the use of pepper, influenced from Murcia.

Almeria has cultivations that are part of dishes such as the stews, the pot of green broad beans or the red garlics, a typical dish from the Almanzora Caves. More typical dishes that we’ll find in the Almeria cuisine are:

- Moorish soup
A typical soup from Almanzora to which they add minced meat that doesn’t contain pork, lentils, peppers and spices.

- Paprika broth
A soup made with fresh anchovies or sardines, boiled potatoes and peppers.

- 'Brave’ potatoes (bravas)
Potatoes chopped up in dices and served with a spicy tomato sauce.

- 'Ajoblanco'
A cold soup typical of Andalusia which is made with bread and crushed almonds. The origin of this soup is possibly roman.

- Partridges with 'gurullos', a type of pasta elaborated with hard wheat, water and saffron.

- Broth of Eggs
A stew of tomatoes, onions, garlics, peppers, potatoes and eggs.

Amongst the sea products typical of Almeria are the monkfish, the mackerel, the red mullet, the octopus and the squid, as well as the cuttlefish and the red prawn. Commonly grilled, although they can also be eaten in stews.

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