Craftsmanship in Almeria

Almeria is characterised by a great tradition of craftsmanship in the whole province. We’ll find a great amount of settlements where they express the art that has been transmitted from generation to generation.

We highlight the province’s marble, a craftsmanship demand which is exported all around Europe. The textile sector is also important, where most of it is knitted in the town of Nijar, the centenary looms of Berja and Laujar of Andarax.

The tourism in Almeria cannot be completed without visiting the highlighted points of craftsmanship, an art inherited from the Muslim period as it was part of the Granada kingdom. A stroll around the different quarries and workshops present in Almeria where we’ll find:

Handcrafts in Sorbas Almeria

  • Fountains
  • Lamps
  • Chess tables

Another typical craftsmanship of the province is the pottery, due to the centenary ovens that are still used today in traditional pottery villages such as:

  • Nijar
  • Sorbas
  • Alhabia
  • Bolox

In this Almeria village there is a 300 year old oven, declared of cultural-historical interest, which still today is in perfect condition and is still used to bake popular elements like jars, plates and other red or white clay utensils.

Nijar in Almeria

If you’re looking to discover the best craftsmanship, we recommend you to visit Almeria vilages like Nijas, Tabernas or Bolox. In Adra and Cabo de Gata we’ll be able to find plenty of elements made with leather and wod, in Mojacar handmade musical instruments.

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