Garrucha Festivities

Being a fishing village in its origins, it’s only natural that it has a type of divinity associated to fishing such as the Virgin of Carmen, a religious figure that has remained in the popular culture of villages near the coast. Most of the celebrations in this municipalities have their origins in the beliefs of the Christian conquistadors, although there are celebrations of pagan origins such as the night of San Juan or Christmas (celebration of the summer and winter’s solstice).


In Garrucha they develop two Bethlehems, one of them developed by a local artist and the other one live represented by a group of art from the municipality. During the new year’s eve we’ll be able to enjoy the 12 bell tolls in the town hall square to celebrate the entrance of the new year.

The night of San Juan

During the night of the 23rd of June they celebrate the arrival of the summer’s solstice on the beach. The bonfires and making wishes at midnight are very common during this celebration in Garrucha. There are those who jump into the water or those who write their wishes on a piece of paper and burn them in the fire.

The Crosses of May

This festivity begins on the first Sunday before the month of May and during this celebration we’ll find decorated carriages for the occasion. The pilgrimage begins in the square known as the cross of the fallen (‘Cruz de los Caidos’).

The Old Lady’s Day (‘Dia de la Vieja’)

This originally religious festivity is currently celebrated to have a great time with friends and family. The people go and spend the day in the countryside and the children try to break a doll of an old lady that holds plenty of sweets inside it.


Perhaps originally one of the oldest celebrations, it is thought that the carnivals come from Egypt or the Sumerians, it was already used by the romans to worship the god Baco. Currently, the carnivals are very popular in Garrucha, the people dress up and sing in a humorous tone the so-called 'Comparsas'.

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

A more current celebration is the famous Semana Santa, characterised specially by theatrically representing some religious scenes. The representations are carried out by the group of art of Garrucha in the open air in the town hall’s square.

Garrucha Fair

During the month of August, from the 14th to the 18th, in the highest peak of the summer and when more tourists visits Garrucha, this fair is held in Garrucha’s fairground. There are plenty of cultural and sport activities, concerts and theatres, as well as shows and dances where everyone is invited. There are funfair rides and huts where one can try the typical and tasty tapas.

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