Pork in Andalusia


The presence of pork and its industry is remarkable throughout the Andalusian provinces. Its capital is the Huelva hills. The particular micro-climate of the Aracena hills, more specifically in Jabugo, Cumbres Mayores and Cortegana, originates that unequalled product which is the Iberian pig. The reputation of its ham, aromatic and of very fine meat, has given rise ot its indurstry. Supply is varied, such as the "caña de lomo" stuffed into animal tripe and smoke dried; the "morcón", made with trimmings of Iberian shin; the diverse white sausages (without paprika) horsehoe sausahes, smoke cured, salami and blood sausages.

A small village in the Alpujarras - Trévelez - has given a name to another popular ham. Those from these mountains, made of white pig, have enjoyed a reputation since 18th century. The reason for their quality lies in the breezes of Sierra Nevada. Ham from Capileira, Lanjarón, and Orgiva are also cured. Blood sausages figure as a basic ingredients in the famous Alpujarreño dish, made of potatoes fried with onions, "orza" chine and fried eggs.

Ronda, in the province of Malaga, has a great variety of pork produce. One must look for the famous "morcilla rondeña" (Ronda's blood sausage), made with pig's blood and lard seasoned with pepper, cloves, oregano, paprika, cumin and coriander. Montejaque and Benaoján dispute over the fame of their sausages with Ronda. The "chorizo en manteca colorá" (sausage in lard coloured with paprika) is highly recommended. In Antequera they make the "morcón antequerano", another kind of sausage, made with tongue and chopped pork, seasoned with paprika.

El Valle de los Pedroches in the province of Cordova, was known in the time of Moors as the "valley of granite". Its hams, made from the Iberian pig, are as important as those from Huelva. Here the white pig is crossed with the Iberian; the latter, fed with acorns they make chine "cañas" and red and black blood sausages, and salami ("salchichón") is made in Pozoblanco. Espejo stands out for its sausages in lard.

The most popular sausage in Jaén is the white one, half pork (mostly chin and head) half diverse beef meats. It is seasoned with salt, paprika, garlic, nutmeg, sherry and cinnamon.

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