Tour of Andalusian Wines


The full-bodied Andalusian wines are among the world's most famous. some have become true legend since time immemorial. Andalusia possesses more than 86,000 hectares of vineyards, most of which are registered under the existing regulating councils.

Jerez: These full-bodies wines are the happy conjuction of cliamtic conditions and soil unique in the world. The climate is responsible - while the wine is amaking - for the apparition of sort of veil or "flor" on the surface of the liquid, responsible for the transformation of the young wine. This originates the "finos", among which we can include Manzanilla, a fino produced in the unique coastal area of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in bodegas very close to the sea.

Among the wines to be found under the SHERRY Designation of Origin, the Finos and Manzanillas stand out, as do the Olorosos between sweet and dry; the Sweet wines, such as the Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez; and the Amontillados, that are not suitable for finos and which undergo and oxidizing process during the marking.

Montilla-Moriles: The region of Cordova, located in the fertile plains, counts among its villages Montilla, Moriles, Aguilar de la Frontera and Cabra, which produce wines very similar to those in the Jerez area. The variety is very alike: finos, olorosos, amontillados and sweet. The majority of bodegas are now devoted to making young table wines.

Condado de Huelva: Very near Jerez, in the province of huelva, one findes the wines that come under the Desigantion County of Huelva. These are finos known as Condado Pálido and Condado Viejo, both of which are sweet, of features similar to those of the olorosos. This region was a pioneer in the making of white table wines.

Malaga: This is another Designation of Origin. These wines, all of the sweet, acquired a reputation in the time of the Romans. The grapes used are the moscatel and Pedro Ximénez. The region of Axarquía produces unequalled moscatels. The best known are the Malaga Virgen.

Other wine routes: Our trip in search of Andalusian wines takes us to the province of Jaén. Three regions dispute on another the making of these wines. In Bailén, north of the province, rosé and red wines are made, of characteristics similar to the Valdepeñas wines. To the east of the province, you find Torreperogil, where clarets, similar to those of La Mancha are produced. The area around Lopera, more to the west of the province, is influenced by the wines from Cordova - Montilla - Moriles.

There are some wines that are very difficult to find outside the province of Granada; the "vinos de costas", or wines from the coast, which enjoy enormous prestige. They are produced around the foothills of Sierra Nevada, in the Contraviesa mountains, near the boundaries of the province of Almeria. This wine from Granada is white, set off with alcohol and aged in wood until it becomes rancid.

Finally we have the province of Seville, with three wine producing regions: that og Lebrija whose wines come under the Sherry Desigantion of Origin. El Aljarafe, located to the west of the province, produces wines along the lines of the classical generosos. In Palacios to the south out of Seville, table whites and "mistelas" (sharp new wine) are produced and sold in bulk.

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