The Kingdom of Granada II


ITINERARY 1: Granada.
ITINERARY 2: Vegas del Genil.
ITINERARY 3: Los Montes.
ITINERARY 4: Surroundings of Loja and Alhama.
ITINERARY 5: Valle of Lecrín, Alpujarras, Valley of Andarax.
ITINERARY 6: Bishopric of Guadix Baza.
ITINERARY 7: Towards Almeria.

After the conquest of Granada in 1492, Ferdinand and Isabella undertook a wide programme of construction in the city and towns of their kingdom, symbol of the new Christian power. These took the form fundamentally in the creation of parishes and convents, where late Gothic and incipient Renaissance live alongside Mudejar; carpentry achieved great development, with splendid interlaced rib vaulting. In Granada, the best examples of late Gothic are the Royal Chapel and Churches of San Cristobal and San Matias. Mudejar is best seen in the churches of San Jose, Santa Ana, San Pedro and San Pablo, San Nicolas, San Miguel Bajo, San Idelfonso and San Bartolome with their characteristic towers. The most outstanding convents are those of Santa Isabel la Real, La Merced and Santa Catalina de Zafra. Remarkable civilian buildings maintain late Gothic or Mudejar features- façades, wooden Muslim ceilings and rib vaulting; some examples are the Hospital Real, Hospital de San Juan de Dios, La Lonja, La Madraza, the Curia (old University), the chancilleria and the Old Colegio de Niños Moriscos. There are Gothics remains in the palace of El Marques de Casa Blanca, and there are several Mudejar houses, such as those in Santiago street nos. 5 and 9, San Juan de los Reyes 84, Carmen (typical hillside terraced house of Granada) de Aben Humeya and casa de Castril.

An itinerary around the are a surrounding Granada- Vegas del genil- leads us to the Mudejar parishes of Huetor Santillan, Viznar, Alfacar, Ouliana, Albolote, Atarfe, Pinos Puente, Macarena, Churriana, Cullar Vega, Armilla, Alhedin, Los Ogijares, La Zubia, Huetor Vega, Monachil, Pinos Genil, Dudar and Quentar.

Towards Los Montes, there are the parish churches of Guadahortuna and Gobernador, and also Deifontes, Colomera, Piñar and Moreda.

Another itinerary might in Loja, example of Mudejar town planning, and Alhama de Granada, where the hospital de la Reina is worth seeing, and the parish churches in Villanueva del Mesia, Jatar, Escuzar and La Mala.

Avery interesting itinerary in order to see Mudejar of Granada would begin in the valley of Lecrin, to see the parish churches of Padul, Marchena, Cozvijar, Conchar, Nigüelas, Acequias, Mondujar- burial place of the Nazari dynasty- Meleguis, Saleres and Beznar, to continue towards the coast through Lenteji and Lujar, or to the Alpujarra, to visit the parish churches of Cañar, Pampaneira, Torzvicon, Castaras, Juviles, Berchules, Yegen, Valor, Mecina Tedel and Cherin; if the Alpujarra is chosen, the tour could continue through the valley of Andarax in the province of Almeria, to take in Fondon to see Casa del Rey Chico in Fuente Victoria, Bentarique for the parish church and Almeria for details of the Alcazaba, Cathedral and church of Santiago.

Another fundamental tour in northwards towards the archbishopric of Guadix Baza. In Guadix, the Mudejar churches of Santiago and San Francisco are outstanding; nearby the parish churches of Graena, Cortes de Guadix, Beas de Guadix, Parullena and Fonelas are worth a visit, and so are those of Jerez del Marquesado, Hueneja and Acudia de Guadix in the Marquesado de Cenete. The collegiate church is worth seeing in Baza, and there are also parish churches in Caniles, Cortes and Galera. To the North, Huescar could end the itinerary, with its convent of Santo Domingo. From Guadix, take the road to Almeria, to stop at Fiñana to see the hermitage of Nuestro Padre Jesus and church of La Encarnacion and the end on to Tabernas to see the parish church.

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