The Kingdom of Seville


ITINERARY 1: Seville
ITINERARY 2: Campiña y Banda Morisca
ITINERARY 3: Ribera y Sierra Norte de Sevilla
ITINERARY 4: Sierra de Aracena
ITINERARY 5: Aljarafe y Condado de Niebla
ITINERARY 6: De Sevilla a Cadiz

A tour of Seville is one of the most interesting. The church of Santa Ana built on the 13th c. outside the city walls in Triana, is an example of alfonsi Gothic with overtones from Cordova, that of San Gil in the Macarena quarter is an evolved example, and then in the 14th c. a model of Sevillian Mudejar parish churches becomes general: churches of one or three naves, Gothic façades, with stone below and sometime on the sides, tower, rib vaulting, ribbed apses and predominance of brick in pillars and walls. Examples are Santa Marina, San Julian, San Vicente, San Lorenzo- Behind there is the mudejar frontage of the palace of the Marques d la Algaba- San Esteban, San Roman, San Andres, San Pedro, San Marcos, San Juan de la Palma, Santa Catalina. Mudejar is also visible in the Carthusian monastery, La Cartuja.

Late Gothic can be seen in the churches of San Martin and Convent of Santa Ines and it is the Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in Christendom, that is the most outstanding example of Gothic at the end of Middle Ages in Seville. The Alcazar comes under civil architecture, it includes the 13th c. Gotthic palace of Alfonso X and the palace of Pedro I, a jewel of Andalusian Mudejar, with its façade carved by builders from Granada and impressive dome in the hall of Ambassadors. The Tower of Don Fabrique is from the first Gothic period and so is that of la Plata. Mudejar overlapped into the renaissance, as can be seen in the palaces of Las Dueñas and Pilatos.

The larger towns in the lowlands of Seville that are always interesting to see, are included in the 2nd itinerary, with stops at Alacala de Guadaira ( castle, Castillo de Marchenilla, Church of Santiago ). Carmona (Alcazar del Rey Don Pedro, churches of Santiago, San Felipe, San Bartolome, Santa Maria, Hermitage of San Mateo and the houses around the square), Marchena (churches of San Juan, San Miguel, Santa Maria de la Mota and chapel of La Vera Cruz). Ecija (churches of Santiago and Convent of las Teresas difficult to see) and Estepa, the keep at the Alcazar and church of Santa Maria; thence of the " Moorish strip", the itinerary can end in Antequera, in the province of Malaga ( churches of the convents of San Francisco and La Encarnacion) where Mudejar also continued on into the Renaissance (collegiate church of Santa Maria la Mayor) an into baroque ( Tower of San Sebastian).

Towards the Sierra Norte, the hills to the north of the province of Seville, the itinerary begins at La Algaba (Mudehar tower of los Guzmanes and church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves) Alcala del Rio (church of Nuestra Señora de La Asuncion), Villanueva de Rio (church of Santiago La Myor) and Lora del Rio ( church of La Asuncion) before reaching the hillside villages, where Mudejar is archaic and there is a constructive peculiarity in the tower façades of the parish churches; the best examples are in Constantina, San Juan Del Puerto, Alanis, Guadalcanal and El Pedroso.

Near Seville, a must is the monastery of San Isidoro de Campo in Santiponce, built in the 14th c. under the Carthusians influence. Onwards towards the hills of Aracena, after a stop at El Garrobo in order to see the parish church , the travel can see the church of Santa Maria at Zufre, the church of El Castillejo at Aracena, church of San Martin with a manuelline façade of Portuguese influence), at Almonaster la Real, church of La Asuncion and the curious hermitage of San Mames with Mudejar apse in the style of Toledo at Aroche.

Another basic itinerary leads to the old county of Niebla, after visiting the monastery of El Loreto at Espartinas, the very interesting Mudejar churches of San pedro, San Eustaquio and Santa Maria at Sanlucar la Mayor and the parish churches at Huevar and Aznalcazar .Over the border to the province of Huelva, the parish churches at Hinojos and Paterna del Campo are Mudejar, the church of San Bartolome at Villalba is Almohade and Mudejar, then, there is the main chapel at the church of Nuestra Señora del Valle at la Palma and at Niebla, the church of Santa Maria de la Granada, misture of mosque , and Mudejar and Gothic church. At Trigueros, the church of San Anton de los Templarios, built on top of an Almohade fortress, at Lucena del Puerto the old convent of La Luz, nowadays monastery of Santa Clara; at Palos, church of San Jorge and monastery of La Rabida; at Huelva, church of San Pedro and shrine of La Cinta; at Lepe, church of Santo Domingo and at Ayamonte, the hermitage of San Sebastian and church of El Salvador.

Leaving Seville towards the south, one may see in Utrera, the influence of the Cathedral of Seville in churches like those of Santiago and Santa Maria de Mesa; at Lebrija, a must is the 13th c. church of Nuestra Señors de la Oliva with a mafnificent set of Mudejar vaults in the Almohade tradition. Over the border to the province of Cadiz, there are very interesting buildings in Sanlucar de Barrameda such as the church of La O and Covachas; at Rota, church of La O: At El Puerto de Santa Maria, church of Santa Maria and castle of San Marcos; at Cadiz the crypt of the old Cathedral; at Arcos, church of Santa Maria and Palace of El Conde de Aguila; at Medina Sidonia, church of Santa Maria Coronada and at Vejer, the parish church. However the principal centre of this itinerary is the city of Jerez, where the Gothic alfonsi influenced by Cordova left churches such as Maria de Alcazar, San Dionisio and the 13thc. Church of San Lucas, and where late Gothic on flamboyant examples 15th c. are the church of San Miguel, monastery of Santo Domingo with a strong Mudejar air and in the Carthusian monastery of Nustra Señora de la Defension.

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