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In case you are considering hiring a car in Malaga you may have some doubts. The following page answers those questions frequently asked by car hire Malaga airport customers.

Before you travel

questions and doubtsCheck everything is ok with your luggage, buy road maps if you need them and try to be rested before you start your travel.

Wherever you are (airport, car rental office, etc.), pay attention to where you leave your purse/wallet and the car keys. In order to avoid nasty surprises do not leave valuables unattended.

Do not forget to check the cars condition. Turn on the air conditioning to confirm that it works and take a look at the car to ensure you have the reflective warning triangles, a safety vest and a spare tire.


fuelIn most of cases fuel is not included in the rental price and you must deliver your car with the same amount of fuel (usually half tank), although it changes according to the location and company chosen, we recommend you to read carefully the terms and conditions page for more details. Our Malaga airport car hire company doesn't make money with the fuel. Our policy is same / same, which means you return the car with the same amount of fuel you received it with.

Please pay attention before refilling the tank of your car, don't mix fuel (petrol with diesel) or you will seriously damage the engine. If it happens to you, don't turn on the car, ask for help inside the petrol station and they will drain all of the fuel for you.


important documentationAlthough personal documentation is the first thing you should check, you won't believe how many people forget it at home. Please remember to carry your driving license, passport and credit card.

Do not use a photocopy of your driving license, car rental companies will not accept it as a valid documentation. If you come from a country outside of Europe don't forget to bring your International Driving License.

Driving Laws

driving lawsWhenever you travel to a foreign country it is wise to stay informed of current driving laws. There may be some differences between both countries legislation that you should be aware of. When you choose to hire a car in Malaga, you should take in consideration the driving laws below:

- Unknown road signs: Spanish signposting probably includes some variants with your country, you should pay special attention to the zebra crossings, traffic lights and STOP signs.

- Speed limits (Spain uses kilometres per hour): According to the new law, it is considered a penal crime to break the maximum speed limit by more than 60% (up to 6 months of prison), so please obey the following speed limits to avoid serious problems:



Rural Road



Cars / 2wheelers

50 km/h

90 km/h

100 km/h

120 km/h

Campers / Trucks with trailer

50 km/h

70 km/h

80 km/h

90 km/h

- Blood alcohol level: There aren't the same restrictions for this case in the EU countries, but you must know it is a punishable offence to drive under the influence of alcohol in Spain (from 6 to 12 months in prison, depending on the blood alcohol level). The legal blood alcohol limit in Spain is 0.5 - for a novice driver it is 0.3 (license less than 2 years). Please obey these rules as an excess could cause tough punishments.

- Parking zones: Be aware of where you park your car, if you leave it in front of a keep clear sign (in Spanish: Vado permanente) or next to a yellow painted kerb you could be fined, and your car could be removed. Remember to buy your ticket at the parking meter when you park next to blue kerbs or blue lines on the road. Leave the ticket on the car's dashboard.

- Car safety: Never forget to use your car's seat belts while driving. If any children or babies are travelling with you, they must use standard child restraints. Remember to include them when you make your online enquiry.

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