Monastery of La Rabida

This monastery is located about where, it is said, during Phoenician times was situated a temple to worship the ancient god Baal, a sacred place that was later used by the Romans to worship the goddess Proserpina and later also used by the Muslims until after the Christian conquest the monastery was built around 1403, thus giving a religious continuity to this space.

Discovery of America

This monastery became important with the arrival of Christopher Columbus, who before leaving on his adventure of discovery took up residence within its walls and managed to make contacts that helped him in his task.

One of the Pinzon brothers is buried in the monastery as was his will shortly before his death, just 15 days after his return. In 1528 Hernan Cortes after the conquest of New Spain came to the monastery where he stayed.

After an era of great relevance the Monastery of La Rabida was in ruins after the War of Independence until it was restored in the late nineteenth century.

What to do and see

Near the monastery, in the gardens on the outside you can find a statue of Christopher Columbus, a figure created on the occasion of the anniversary of his death 500 years ago.

In the botanical garden you can see the typical Latin American flora.

Nearby is situated the Pier of the Caravels, a museum with replicas of the three ships that participated in the discovery of America: La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa Maria, built in 1992 to celebrate the 5oo anniversary.

Next to the area with the 3 caravels there is situated is a medieval neighbourhood with representations of everyday life as a market, carts and other equipment used at the time.

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