Municipality of Huelva known for being part of the route of discovery, where Christopher Columbus found support in the Monastery of Santa Clara and a crew (the Niño brothers) before leaving for the New World.

Moguer has always maintained an important seafaring tradition although today the municipality is known for its strawberry crops.

History and origins

There have been found human remains dating presence in the area of Moguer far back in time, during the Neolithic and later with the presence of Phoenician and Roman civilization which have moulded the mouth the river Tinto and have taken advantage of their natural resources.

From the Middle Ages and the period of Al-Andalus remain monuments like the Almohad castle and the springs of Fuente de Pinete at only 1 km from Moguer on the old route connecting with the cities of Niebla and Seville.

Columbus Route

During the discovery of America, Moguer had about 5000 inhabitants and was formed by a large number of sailors and experienced boat builders.

During the year 1488 the caravel La Niña was built in Puerto de la Ribera located in Moguer. This ship belonged to the brothers Niño, who played an important part in the preparations and in the journey of discovery.

What to see and do in Moguer

In Moguer, besides visiting Columbian monuments and places you can find natural areas such as the National Park Doñana, the natural site of Laguna de las Madres y Palos, marshes and shores of the river Tinto and the beaches of Mazagon.

Among the monuments are outstanding:

- Almohad castle
Arab construction that was built on a Roman villa and later was renovated after the Christian conquest.

- Pinete Fountain
Arabic font positioned to quench the thirst and refresh the walkers that crossed the old Camino Real de Sevilla.

- Monastery of Santa Clara near the monument to Columbus, two of the most representative monuments of Moguer.

- Ribera Port
In this port was built La Niña before leaving for the discovery of the new world.

- Convent of San Francisco
Here are situated the Municipal Historical Archive and Iberoamerican Library.

Lugar donde se encuentra el Archivo Histórico Municipal y la Biblioteca Iberoamericana.

- Birthplace of Juan Ramon Jimenez
XIXth century house and birthplace of the famous writer.

Huelva information

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