The IATA airport code is a set of three letters assigned to each airport around the world. These codes are designated by the International Air Transport Association, or IATA. The codes are not unique: 300 of around 20,000 total codes are used by more than one airport. A common example of their use is the letters shown clearly on the luggage tags which ticket agents slap on the bags at check-in time.

It is the full list of IATA codes for all Spanish airports:

  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) Albacete: ABC
  • Alicante airport: ALC
  • Almeria airport: LEI
  • Badajoz: BJZ
  • Barcelona: BCN
  • Bilbao: BIO
  • Burgos: RGS
  • Caceres: EXT
  • Ciudad Real: CJI
  • Cordoba airport: ODB
  • Gerona: GRO
  • Granada airport: GRX
  • Huesca: HSK
  • Jerez airport: XRY
  • La Coruña: LCG
  • Leon: LEN
  • Logroño: RJL
  • Madrid (Barajas): MAD
  • Madrid (Cuatro Vientos): MCV
  • Oviedo: OVD
  • Torrejon: TOJ
  • Malaga airport: AGP
  • Murcia airport: MJV
  • Pamplona: PNA
  • Reus: REU
  • Sabadell: QSA
  • Salamanca: SLM
  • San Sebastián: EAS
  • Santander: SDR
  • Santiago de Compostela: SCQ
  • Sevilla airport: SVQ
  • Valencia: VLC
  • Valladolid: VLL
  • Vigo: VGO
  • Vitoria: VIT
  • Zaragoza: ZAZ

Find further information inside IATA official website: www.iata.org.

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