Trekking in Competa

Competa is situated in the province of Malaga, at about 50 kilometres away from the capital city, it has charming houses and streets that will delight those who decide to visit this place walking. Competa has a viewpoint that offers spectacular views.

Competa is possibly originally roman (compita-orum means cross of roads). There are written registers of the place from the 16th century, in 1487 the catholic kings carried out the conquest of Competa.

Routes around the Competa mountain range

The scenery that we’ll find in Competa is probably one of the most spectacular in the province, right behind the narrow pass of Los Gaitanes of course, with such emblematic spots such as Cerro Verde, Cerro de las Tres Cruces, Cerro del Cisne and many other that we’ll find belonging to the Almijara mountain range, a natural paradise. From Competa we’ll be able to enjoy a wide variety of walking routes around the mountain range:

Acebuchal route
In 4 hours we’ll do this 11 kilometres route by foot with ups, downs and a visit to the Acebuchal hamlet. This route has parts of high difficulty due to the winding path.

La Acequia route
A route of approximately seven and a half kilometres that shows us part of the vegetable farm and plots of land, laboured by hand since immemorial times with beautiful views of Sierra Tejeda and Competa.

Las Majadillas route
A pretty trekking route where we’ll walk the Path of Granada along the country inns and descend the Cliff of Las Majadillas. This route takes about 4 hours by foot and covers about 14 kilometres.

Route of the Umbrales Port
A 47 kilometre lineal route where we’ll enjoy a wide variety of landscapes right from the beginning in the Almijara square until reaching several adjacent villages. It’s a route where the use of a 4x4 vehicle is recommended at least for the first part due to its length.

El Gavilan route
The first part of this route is shared with the route of La Acequia and enters in the Canillas mountain range several kilometres to then ascend to the Gavilan Rock.

La Gaviarra route
This route of approximately 3 hours, circles the whole rock of the same name. It’s accessed via La Cruz del Monte, Collado Port and Collado de la Huerta.

Route of the Swan
A trekking route of high difficulty that runs through various spots with a recent history of the Almijara mountain range, which is why it’s an interesting point for anyone used to rougher or harder trekking routes. Along the way, we’ll come across El Acebuchal, Venta Cebolleros, the river Higueron... It has an important ascent with some spectacular and gratifying views from the top.

Walking around Competa

If you wish to discover a little bit more of the village of Competa, you can wander around its streets and find chapels, panoramic views or places to enjoy the natural environment that surrounds this village. Competa has beautiful routes of typical streets, white houses and plant pots decorating a route of which we’ll enjoy each step with the colours and scents of the flowers that decorate each and every corner of this lovely village of the province of Malaga.

The route of the hermitages and chapels
In 1 hour we’ll do this route of the village’s chapels that passes through several viewpoints. We’ll begin the route in the Almijara square where we’ll see a 16th century church and then tour around the village horizontally discovering part of this village’s religious history.

Route of the districts/neighbourhoods
This route is the place where Competa originally began, the oldest area of the village and where the paths of Velez, Frigiliana, La Sierra and Canillas intersect. We’ll run through narrow streets flanked by white typical Andalusian houses and enjoy beautiful views of the mountains and the sea.

Route of the East
Departing from the Almijara square we’ll be able to choose to tour around Competa enjoying its historical patrimony passing through the Almijara square, Toledo street, Eusebio Garcia street, Andalucia street and end up in the Vendimia square.

Route of the side streets
This lovely route will take us through several typical streets of Competa. Starting from the square we head towards San Antogio street and then ascend along Pintor Avila street until Labyrinth street, from this last street we head towards Rincon de las Flores, a U-shaped street with steps and plant pots. If we continue we’ll reach Ronda street, another beautiful street of Competa that will finally lead us to the east until reaching the Cliff of Granada and La Plaza (the square).

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