Trekking and Hiking in Benaojan - Sierra de Libar

Benaojan offers various hiking routes through which we’ll enjoy its prehistoric past, its natural environment and its mountain range, called Sierra de Libar.

La Pileta Cave

La Pileta cave is the first one of the recommended routes in Benaojan, to get there we come out through the "River Path” where a beautiful landscape awaits us with a river of clean, crystal-clear water. We’ll reach up to the top of the so-called “Saint’s Mill” from where we’ll take the path on the right that will lead us to the “Fresnadilla” and to the “country house of La Dehesa”. This pathway will take us to a viewpoint where we’ll be able to stop and contemplate the fantastic views, then we’ll continue towards the road that will take us left until we reach the “Pileta Cave”.

La Pileta cave is characterised by its cave paintings and archaeological remains found there, if you wish to learn more about this cave visit our section about La Pileta Cave.

Cave of the Cat

To get to the Cave of the Cat (Cueva del Gato) we must come out of the village through the path of the river until its source, a beautiful spot during the months of autumn and winter.

We must cross the bridge above the river and cross the railway tracks, being specially careful with the train and passing through the level crossing with the barriers. Once we have passed the river Guadiaro we’ll come across the Lake of La Barranca, The Mill of the 4 walls, the Round Lake and finally the Hotel Cueva del Gato, where thanks to the bridges there we’ll be able to reach the Cave of the Cat.

Cueva del Gato

A beautiful place where, on a sunny day, we’ll even be able to go for a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the mountain range.

Trekking route around the Sierra de Libar

We must get to Montejaque from the village of Benaojan, once we’re there we’ll cross through the village taking the road on the left, turning off and entering “El Almendral”. Following this route to the southwest we’ll come to “Los Llanos de Libar” where there are several fountains.

Vereda de la Dehesilla

We must pass along the level crossing of the train line Bobadilla-Algeciras that runs passed this area, passing the river Guadiaro we’ll find the Vereda del Monte, a path that’s used frequently since ancient times by the labourers and cattle farmers that we’ll follow towards Ronda, passing through the “Acebuche Port” or we can turn off towards “Tower of the Moors”, as any of these paths offer an incomparable beauty of which we’ll enjoy from the beginning to the end.

Benaojan village

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