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Just a quick e-mail to thank you for the car we collected yesterday at Malaga Airport. The car is fantastic, I have been driving for 50 years and never had a new car to drive. The booking was done by IVAN who was very helpful and spoke good English. Many Thanks once again. Kind regards Bernard Talbot.
From: Bernard Talbot
Submitted: 04/06/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Dear Sir Still waiting for your offer. BR Jan -------- Ursprungligt meddelande -------- Ämne: Re: Review on Datum: 2018-05-22 16:49 Avsändare: Mottagare: Jose Alberto Anglada Dear Sir Thanks for a your answer. We are comming the 7th of october and leave the 9th of december. Can you please quote size B and C. Best regards Jan Hübinette 2018-05-22 15:12 skrev Jose Alberto Anglada: Dear customer, Thanks for contacting us. The last email We can find with the email was the booking made in November. The prices are calculated by the system and these can be different depends on availability, season and rental period. Please let me know the period when a car is needed and the kind of car you like and I will give You a quote. Regards J. Alberto Anglada
From: Jan Hübinette
Submitted: 04/06/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
After having had poor to utterly bad experiences over the past 30 years with car hire companies in Spain, we decided, upon reading some of your reviews, to give you a try this year and were pleasantly surprised at your excellent level of customer service, and the efficiency of both your checking-in and drop-off procedures, despite the high numbers of other travellers using your service. We shall most certainly be using you on all our future visits to Spain. Thanks.
From: Ian
Submitted: 01/06/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Hello Excellent service I recently had the experience of renting a car for the first time from From meeting the rep at the arrival exit, to the transfer to the pick up point - very smooth and quick. Completing the paperwork and collecting the car - excellent friendly and professional. Handing the car back at the end - again very good experience. On leaving the office, on the transfer bus, I realised that I had left something in the car. I mentioned this to the driver, and he immediately took me back to the depot, and waited for me while I found what I had left, and then took me back to the terminal. All within 15 minutes, and in plenty time to make my flight. I would highly recommend for the excellent professional service. Thank you
From: Aj
Submitted: 01/06/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Been using Malagacar for over 10 years now and in my opinion they have been the best car hire in malaga already used them twice already this year and was about to book again, "BUT" seems loyalty is no longer what they claim, i know i have over 20 completed bookings,but when i asked them when picking my car up was told i had only 14 completed bookings anyway when i logged in to my account to book again in August, guess what ?, they now say i have "one completed booking", oh and my last car i hired in April/May was battered and i mean battered lots of dents,wheels all curbed,rear lenses were cracked,and had not been cleaned ,hoping this is a one off, regarding there insurance,all i can say to people is take a years "CAR HIRE INSURANCE" out in the uk before you set off for around £30 per year.

Reply by
Dear Mr. Owen,
Thanks for contacting us. I am checking the history and I can see you booked many times without to being logged in so this is why the system doesn’t recognise the total of bookings. I can see you have rented 10 times from us. Please try now using your login details we sent you. 
J. Alberto Anglada

From: Michael Owen
Submitted: 31/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
I've rented for the sixth time a car with this company and never had any problem. New cars, quick collection and great rates. They even gave me a few times a nice upgrade. I will definately keep using this company in the future, as I travel twice a year to Malaga.
From: Olivier Arnauts
Submitted: 30/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Never again will we use On arriving on Sunday,we went to pick up our car,and were advised we didn’t have enough insurance,and were told they would hold a £1200 bond of our visa,if there was any damage to the car they would take this off the £1200,I told them I was not happy about this,and was told to take out extra insurance at €20 a day plus the €121 =€261 for the car hire,we are due back the end of June with our family and have hired a seven seater car at a cost of €520 plus the extra €140 =€660 a total rip-off,the next day we went to a local car hire Fetajo and asked about renting a seven seater and were giving a price of €270 this includes full insurance and extra driver,plus I told them about extra insurance,and they said it would cost €6 a day from them and not the €20 we had been charged,plus they were very nice and very helpful,we Wilki neveruse again after using them for more than 15 years,and will be advising our family and friends not to hire from,and will be writing to our local paper when we get home regarding this matter.


Dear customer,
Thank you for your comment, which we are not pleased to receive because we have not made any mistakes but we have applied the terms and conditions as they are explained in your booking voucher.

Insurance excess and theft (only if you choose Basic or Comfort Pack Rate) and damages to tyres, rims, hubcaps, side mirrors, windows, locks and the bottom of the vehicle. An additional insurance is available to cover the aforementioned damages and theft at (in the case of not taking out the insurance offered in the previous point, at the time of picking up the vehicle, reserves the right to charge the Excess amount as a deposit which will be returned to the client at the end of the contract if the vehicle is returned in the same conditions. Otherwise you will be charged according to the damage up to the amount marked in the attached chart):
Vehicles that are in groups A, B, C have an all risk insurance with 1000 € excess. The additional insurance to cover the above mentioned damages and the excess is 17 € per day with a minimum of 45 € and a maximum of 220 € per 28 day rental period. For rentals of 29 days or more, the price is 7.85 €/day.
Vehicles that are in groups CA, CE, D, DA, EA, EC, EE, L, LA, LB, LC, LD, LF, LG, LH, LI, LJ, LK, LL, LM, LN, LO, LS, LX, PA, PB, PC, PE, PF, PG, PH, PL, PQ, SA, SB, SE, SF, SM, XA, XB, XC, XD, XE, XF have an all risk insurance with 1200 € excess. The additional insurance to cover the above mentioned damages and the excess is 20 € per day with a minimum of 55 € and a maximum of 285 € per 28 day rental period. For rentals of 29 days or more, the price is 10.15 €/day.

J. Alberto Anglada

From: James Smith
Submitted: 30/05/2018
Rating: (1 out of 5)
Hola, Many thanks to for enabling us to have a nice holiday in Spain recently. As always the service from was excellent especially from Vanessa and Ivan. Good customer service is wonderful to get. Best regards Peter Duffy
From: Peter Duffy
Submitted: 29/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Like many of your clients I have been using Malaga car for over 10 years and have been quite satisfied with the service and cars. Not so this time ! I booked a automatic BMW and got a Audi, ok the Audi is a good car. I booked the upmarket car because they are fitted with Satnav as a standard feature, on receiving the car I was amazed to find that you had removed the SD card from the satnav so that it would not work. This was a feature that I did need for my trip, I ended up purchasing one. Removal of the sd card is totally unacceptable!! However this is not the end of my tale of woe, having reached Benalmadina the tyre pressure warning light came on and I found a nail in the tyre. I could not change the wheel as there was no key that fitted the wheel nuts. I got a repair done and continued my trip. I then noticed that the washer light was on so stopped to top up the water, again totally unacceptable. What has happened Malaga car? By the way why when I try to log in my details are not recognised ? I am not then able to get any discounts. I look forward to your reply.

Reply from Malagacar. com

Dear customer,
Thanks for your comment. We are sorry You were not as happy as You had to be this time but I think you made a bad interpretation about the chosen car. The group LD is a BMW 1 series, Audi A3 or a similar one with automatic transmission but never with GPS guaranteed. When a GPS is needed, this has to be requested in advanced or when the car is going to be picked up.

These are the additional services offered to You and You didn’t select to have a GPS. This is why the SD card or a TOMTOM GPS was not given. You paid only 14,89 € a day + taxes so You have to understand the additional GPS cannot be included.

About the tyre pressure warning light, You say the light appeared in Benalmadena so maybe you had a puncture on the way unless the light was appeared before the car was taken.

In order to get discounts, You must be logged in. 

J. Alberto Anglada
From: Bruce Gardner
Submitted: 27/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)
Our sons have used Malagacar for car rental for many years and have never had a problem. They always say that you will not find a better more caring company to rent from in Malaga
From: Brian Nulty
Submitted: 26/05/2018
Rating: (5 out of 5)

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